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Jack Ritter Mar 2018
I once ordered a crystal radio
from my Johnson and Smith catalog
is what it said
just the energy of the radio waves themselves
leaping off the sharpened spike
atop some clandestine tower
spreading out in spherical shells
stretched so thin by now there couldn't be
and yet there was
enough electromagnetic "stuff"
to agitate the antenna wire
enough to tickle the cats-whisker pin
which poked the germanium crystal
just so
and a highly wound spool
of baby's hair wire
would tune to a station at night
with a guy who made puns
and talked about nothing
through the plug in my ear
which trickle of sound
transfixed a boy's head
to his pillow
all night
me at 14.
Mary Gay Kearns Mar 2018
Find a Daisy and pick it up
From garden fronts
The gathering begins
A few leaves on a stem, fluttering,
And in a pocket lays
Side by side
To a thread of black eyed germanium
And thé peppery seeds of aquilegias
Falling into seam corners,
Creeping up pathways
Hollyhock rings put in
And then take a chance
With stem of pink pearly,
Collection complete for Monday
Trot home to find compost
Then *** up in the sun.
My little treasures from
The free world .

Love Mary **
wordvango  May 2017
wordvango May 2017
I slept in late because my E-butler germanium
crystles had leaked from his
Titanium clock
and you know  how those
time sleep castles work
so I missed  your v-mail
just give me a minute to take my breakfast pills
I need to cut down on my calories
my head barely fits on the Apple I-*** 9
i have. I need to buy that latest one the Apple 13,
but my crystal orb of credit has been hacked
and the league of justifiers
and credit robots are of no help
can we make it tonight?
Our virtual meeting. My USB stick is hard and ready.
I can see your port is glistening.
Okay I will turn off the light show
of the large Magellanic cloud, I know how your eye LED's get.
Can we listen to some oldies though?
I heard this sound warp the other day
sounded so new.
Alexa said it was Classic Rock.
Sometimes I feel like a mauve germanium
reaching for the stars
Tried hard to be pliable
Give me your all
and I show where I'm sitting

The Sun shone at the Moon
Don't worry about me
I've got all I need
the raddest sketchbook
to colour you in
just as before

— The End —