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May 2017
I slept in late because my E-butler germanium
crystles had leaked from his
Titanium clock
and you know  how those
time sleep castles work
so I missed  your v-mail
just give me a minute to take my breakfast pills
I need to cut down on my calories
my head barely fits on the Apple I-*** 9
i have. I need to buy that latest one the Apple 13,
but my crystal orb of credit has been hacked
and the league of justifiers
and credit robots are of no help
can we make it tonight?
Our virtual meeting. My USB stick is hard and ready.
I can see your port is glistening.
Okay I will turn off the light show
of the large Magellanic cloud, I know how your eye LED's get.
Can we listen to some oldies though?
I heard this sound warp the other day
sounded so new.
Alexa said it was Classic Rock.
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