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Paula Swanson Feb 2011
I want to let you all know how appreciated you all are.  Your kind comments and encouragment keep my pen flowing.
Poetry for me started as a way to fill free time while recovering from major back surgery 3 years ago.
It quickly turned into the healing balm itself.
I have been diagnosed with severe depression.  Post traumatic stress etc.
Poetry is my outlet for stress and anxiety.  Perhaps that explains my prolific sessions and then my dry spells.
I wish I had the inner fortitude to comment as I would like to all of your amazing poetry.
Perhaps in time, as the healing process continues, I will feel free to open up privately to each of you as I would like.
Each time I write a comment, it is with many second guessing and editing.  Wondering if I am hurting, judging or unententionally causing the author pain.  So know that the comments I give a genuine and heartfelt.  Not just a quick flip of the keys.
As I write this letter to you all, I am fighting the strong need to delete and shut down.  But I must push past the block.  This is a start.
Please know that I do read them all. They have made me feel close to my unseen friends and poetic  family.
Thank you for being here and offering me a glimpse into your hearts and souls.  I have been pleasently rewarded.

Paula Swanson
Mercie B  Sep 2013
Mercie B Sep 2013
In the wake of my self destruction, when i thought all hope had escaped my reach , a whisper of a voice came calling deep with in the night.

Softly wrapping me up in tender words of encouragment, unbeknownst to me this voice had a goal to vanquish all my self-hatred by gently nudging me to rise up and  fight.

Willing me to stand and face the devilish hauntings that are relentlessly  stalking me ,constanly tring to creep through the past's closed door.

Pushing me to believe in my self and my inner strenght, validating that i can no longer hide from the shadows of uncertainty nor fear what they have in store.

Make no mistake it is painfully obviouse that I have only been treading water barely keeping my head above the surface just waiting for the current t o drag me under.

Stiffin up that upper lip and walk with your held held up high, almost maternally spoke this whisper of a voice, which is  now reigning down like thunder .
I had to work thru a bunch of things this past month. I know that I must stay on a positive path so here is my beginning of that journey.
Here I go again

And  more bread
Things have gotten
Out of control
Please help someone
Can't we begin
A programme on here.

Just need a little bit of inspiration
A little bit of encouragment
A push in the right direction
Then I can make a start
Stress makes me eat sweet things
But bad habit to
Need to break the habit of  eating unhealthy ...
LJ Chaplin  Jun 2013
LJ Chaplin Jun 2013
The battle is smaller than the bombs that shatter the tranquillity of the planet,
The war is more personal than guns spitting out their venomous bullets,
The fight is harder than fists colliding with skin and bones.

Inside, chaos rules

One scar for every insult  I thought
One more minute with my head down the toilet  I cried
One more twisted moment of despair  I prayed

Yet I am still here.
The only bullets I need are the words of encouragment,
The only war I will win is the war of self control,
The only time you will see me surrender,
**Is when I'm already dead.
Linda Duncan Apr 2015
Let me dear Lord
With each step I take;
Look to you
For the choice I make.
Whether the sky
Is blue or gray;
Let me speak with encouragment
Of all I say.
Let me always look up
To each soul I greet;
I was so wretched
When first we did meet.
Let jealousy and envy
Be a part of my past;
And let self control
Be a trait that lasts.
Let love always be
My driving force;
And through your word teach others
To find the others.
JustChloe Apr 2015
He was her angel in shinning armor
With wings on inspiration
He protected her fragile heart
From the arrows of jealousy coming from every direction
And she
She was his master piece
He took her from the bottom too top
showed her What she saw as nothing
Was something
He turned her heart from coal too a beautiful diamond
But this diamond was fragile
So he protected her with wings of encouragment and inspiration
He saved her
But while he was protecting her
She saved him too
Because he worn his armor
Not to protect him from you
But to protect you from him
Because he thought he was a monster
What you see as shiny armor
And glory
He saw as a prison
And a victory
A victory against who he was
And who he was becoming
Because he no longer loved himself
But then he saw his reflection in her eyes
He saw the angel he was becoming
The greatness he was capable in achieving
and he realized if he could make the girl with the diamond heart smile
And she realized if she could show the angel his wings
Then they where worth something
And they were worth something good
My love of poetry
helps me overcome my fears.
Knowing that I am able to help others.
Offer hope in Christ.
I write through heartbreak
I draw people like magnets.
from a hurting world.

I point them in the right direction.
Give confidence through Christ.
I let them know God is there to sooth away hurts.
and help them see the light through darkness.
With someone waiting to carry there load.
I bring a ray of sunshine.
To those who feel rejected.
Give encouragment to the lonely and forgotten.
For a brighter day.
Poetry is an expression of whom I am.
Rebecca Paul  Dec 2013
Rebecca Paul Dec 2013
The hair on my arms flutters like feathers.
The wind, powerful and insistent, is all the encouragment I need.
"Did you give me wings?" My question is soft and breathless.
You were born with wings, darling, you whisper at the nape of my neck.
"I can jump?" The idea is invigorating.
I need the end. I crave a conclusion.
*No...You can fly.
Chelsea Molin Jan 2018
Sleep paralysis.
That's the best way I can describe it.
You can't move.
And you want to call out,
But you're stunned.
Stunned because you never knew it could happen to you.
Not with him. None of them.
It doesn't make sense that someone could be so heartless,
How someone can hear you say "no, I don't want to," or "please stop," and see you move away, or try to fend them off and not care.
You can't move because they're bigger and stronger.
You can't scream because nobody would hear you
And you don't want to give them the satisfaction.
But inside your head, glass shatters from the sheer volume.
You struggle a bit more,
But when you realize it's pointless and your movements give him encouragment,
You lie still and wait.
You lie still and wish yourself far away.
And when he releases you, it takes you a moment to understand that it's over,
You're free.
In that moment, you've never felt so small, so fragile. So broken.
You pick yourself up, pick up your clothing and they always act like everything is fine.
Like they didn't just shatter your world.
They make you feel like you're crazy, wrong for the way that you feel.
You put yourself in that situation, you could have avoided it.
Even though you said "no."
That doesn't seem to matter.
Sleep paralysis while you're not sleeping is a different kind of hell I hope you never experience.
Rhiannon Oct 2017
Do not take those you love for granted,
Because one day they will be gone,
Like my Mother's old and tired violin,
They'll be far too rusty to play songs.

Give them chances and understanding,
Hold them when they cry,
Forgive them when they make you angry,
Don't waste your time explaining why.

Give them encouragment when they feel uncertain,
Help them up when they fall down,
If doubts come flooding in keep them afloat with your person,
Making sure they do not drown.

Do not take those you love for granted,
Because one day they will be gone,
And just like my mother's old and tired violin,
You will be damaged but you'll just have to carry on.
Star BG Sep 2017
Dear parents,
           Thank you for  bringing me up to dispite differences to learn who I am.

Dear  Spirit guides,
Thank you for leading me with divine guidance as I move through life.

Dear highest self,
Thank you for helping orchestrate my great moments as well as my challenges in order to grow.

Thank you God,
For being there always so I can hold your love awakening to know I carry your spark to be a creative loving force on earth.

And dear poets on site,
Thank you for giving me starBG encouragment so I continue to write.

— The End —