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Idris Muntaqim May 2021
A crooked federal agent named Broderick has used a gadget to time-travel back to 1990 and I'll tell you why;
He wants to stop Booster Gold and Skeets from making sure that two half-brothers don't go to prison and that's no lie.

The innocent half-brothers are black and are convicted of ****** and murdering a little girl, as you can see;
When Broderick finds the two heroes and they see him, Broderick uses his laser pistol to try to shoot and ****** them quickly.

Booster uses his force field to protect himself and Skeets from Broderick's attacks, which is smart;
Broderick has a sinful heart.

Booster and Skeets separate in order to beat their foe;
When Skeets distracts Broderick, Booster uses his energy blasters to shoot and knock out the *******, which is awesome to know.

Booster and Skeets destroy Broderick's laser pistol and his time-traveling gadget, which is true;
After they tie up Broderick, Booster and Skeets fly and search for the two half-brothers, which is an excellent thing to do.

The two superheroes find the two half-brothers who are about to be arrested, which is bad;
When Booster and Skeets give the police the evidence to prove that the half-brothers are innocent, the half-brothers are glad.

After the half-brothers thank Booster and Skeets, the two superheroes fly and search for the real villain, which is cool;
When they find the real villain, Booster and Skeets use their energy blasters to shoot and knock out the fool.

Booster and Skeets take the real villain to the police so they can arrest him, which is swell;
After they arrest the real villain, the police arrest Broderick as well.

Booster and Skeets time-travel back to 2021, which is okay;
The two superheroes have saved the day.
Terry Collett Aug 2013
Broderick was the smallest kid
in the class
but the girls liked him

and he had this
mass of blacks curls
and big dark eyes

and had this way with him
that the girls liked
and they would gather round him

when the teacher
was out of the room
leaning over

his shoulders
whispering things
into his small ears

and he'd say something
and they wet themselves

putting fingers
to mouths or bellies
and saying

oh my God
I've never heard

such a thing
and then put their hands
to their virginal groins

but you and Reynard
saw no great humour in him
or saw what it was

that creased the girls up
to the degree
of ***** wetting

(Reynard's expression)
because out in
the boy's playground

he never said jackshit
or made a sound
or joined in ball games

or cards flicking
or conker smashing
he just hung around

the fence
peering out
at the girls

on the playing field
playing hockey
or some other

ball games
in their short
green skirts

that showed
their green underwear
when they jumped

or ran along with sticks
and some guys would say
hey Broderick

what about us guys
what about joining in
with our games

or talk with us
but he never did
and Reynard said

he must have something
the girls like
small Broderick

possibly his big dark eyes
you said
or his humour

Reynard said
or promise
of his big ****.
Alan Maguire Mar 2013
A is for Adam the Aardvark and his band the African Ants
B is for Broderick the bumble bee who thinks they are pants

C is for a cynical cat named Crusoe
While D is for Darwin the delightful deer
E is for Eric the elephant who always drinks my beer
F is for Fernando the Fox but in Spain he known as  Zorro
He lost his wife Matilda last week and is now brimming with sorrow
G is for Gerald and yes he is a Giraffe
He wore odd socks last Tuesday and made Heinrich the Hyena laugh
Imelda is an Iguana and she is quite immense, though she is really old but has unstoppable sense.
Jack the Jackal has a regular name but he is an assassin and has a pretty good aim
K is for Kimberly who happens to be a kangaroo but she doesn't live in the outback anymore because she lives in London Zoo

Laramie the Llama lives south of the United states , he loves hiking in the mountains but one thing he hates, is being mixed up with Arnie the Alpaca.

Monty the Moose loves drinking maple syrup and playing ice hockey,
yes he is a stereotype but I am his Jockey
Nero the Narwhal is the unicorn of the deep, he loves scaring sailors and loves to sleep
Olive the Orangutan is a neighbour of Kimberly the kangaroo
but they have a plan to escape from London Zoo.

Pug is a Pig , just a regular pig, but he wishes to be ferocious and really big
Quentin is a quail and buddies with Pug, he likes eating sunflower seeds but never a slug
Ramon the Rhinoceros also dwells in the Zoo and is part of the escape plan with The red ape and kangaroo , he'll actually be the one to bust them out,
but to get his attention you really must shout.

Sylvia slithers, Sylvia is sleek if you were a mouse and saw her, you'd go EEK!
Terence T. Tiger is terrified, because he was asked to escape from the Zoo,
yes with the Red ape , Rhino and Kangaroo.

Ulysses is a horse who super glued a horn to his fore-head , he wanted to be the last known Unicorn because he heard that they were all dead. Vincent is a Bat, just a Vampire Bat,
he doesn't really like blood but is enemies with Crusoe the Cat.

Warren the wolf has many female fans but spends half the day with Eric the Elephant drinking my cans .Xenops is not an alien , it's just a rain forest bird, I'll give you more info as soon as I've heard
Y is for Yul and I don't mean the bald actor , this Yul is a yak but does watch the X factor
Z is for a Zebra named Zak and yes he does know the Yul the Yak , they were introduced by a certain kangaroo, and now it's their job to visit London Zoo
Jacob Sykes Aug 2013
Snail trail leading from mouth to heinous ****
let slugs undulate their way across my listerine lips
old jokes like S-Car-Go
and stuff inside me more variable and insuppressible
similar to Inspector Gadget
Matthew Broderick was my mentor
as a child
I am not in pampers any longer
4 P's of teens
***** petrol party and paycheck
that doesn't include pampers
I used to wade in my own ****
that's ******* disgusting to think about now
now an adult
still just wasting time
and wading through my own ****
Written within two hours of a four hour statistics class
i went to see the christmas lights yeah i did it wss fun

you see we were traveling around using our good eyes

we saw a few and i took a few photos after i had bolognaise and a beautiful cake

and i talked about the great poetry slanm a place to go to read poems

ya see, mate i thought the lights were fantastic, dude

we were sitting in the car getting photos of each’

we yelled out merry christmas to all the owners, cool man eat my shorts

it was radically awesome how each house had a lot of things in their display

i was talking about the movie deck the halls with danny devito and mathew broderick

both go for the right to be the streets christmas man

i am a bit of a christmas man, i love the idea of santa coming for the kids

dropping in through the computer, delivering presents as he he goes

i played santa at vinnies in belconnen and i enjoyed making the kids very happy

one kid said why do you want to play santa, i think playing santa gives me fulfilment

and we sing we wish you a merry christmas a full boar ripper christmas

we wish you a merry christmas

i have a big dose of schizophrenia, which makes me look tired

but, dude, it doesn’t really bother me, because i am healing, ya know getting better

and as i sit down anywhere, in cars and at hone, my mind has a tired look

sometimes it’s good to fight it, with the fact that you ain’t really tired

it’s just the high dose medication i am on

and as i travelled around the christmas lights

i was saying i wanna do more and i wanna see more, without looking at the time

because it was getting close to 10,00 and the others were tired

but me, i was happy to sit in the back looking at the lights till midnight

in the future i would love someone to take me out to civic on new years eve, that’ll be cool, man

and i think of bart simpson when i say, do the bartmab do the bartman

everyone back and forward from side to side

ya see, the medication makes me calm, making me think of how i was back in the 1970s

when i was mucking with my family in wood berry, and being told to shove my nose to the wood

but i loved stopping for an ice cream at hexham oak factory

and looking at the lights tonight, reminded me of when we walked down georgetown at their lights

ya see i was thinking, tonight, in the back seat, i am a happy dude, and the lights are making me a party dude

i wanna party all night long

it was a great christmas party, duds
Hawk Flight May 2014
I guess you could say I have two children
One by blood
and one by soul

Arianna Olivia Chan
you were born
1 1/2 years ago
My blood
my family
You've got my eyes
Its kind of scary

Sophia Bridget Broderick
******* you're already 6 years old
I've watched you grow up
Your Daddy would be very proud if he were here today
I know I am
You have become just like a daughter to me

And soon you will be
I promise though
I wont ever try to take his place.

But I am afraid
that I will fail you two
You two beautiful girls

You know I love your mommy
and that I love you too

But with who
I am
I might end up ******* up

But I wont ever stop trying
to do right by you
To my Daughters
you see i try and be like mr bean but this voice says i am like him

you see i say i am a koomarri man, and this voice says, he is

i have no idea why i can’t get voices out of my head

maybe for my own protection i guess

but i don’t want to be protected, i just like the atmosphere of mr beab

i don’t wanna get teased or fought or killed or bullied, nobody does

i just want to be a scruffy man, who never wants to part with his beard

you see i know people are having fun teasing me, and as long as i do what i want like art and writing

they can tease all they want, but i like singing christmas carols and

looking jolly telling christmas jokes,

i just watched deck the halls and i tell you that i am not like matthew broderick

you see he got obsessed with being the christmas guy

i liked danny devito’s character with a lights display you can see from outer space, that is pretty cool

i also watched the christmas concert and that got me in the mood to sing christmas carols

i always start with we wish you a merry christmas

we wish you a merry christmas

we wish you a merry christmas

and a happy new year

bring us some foggy pudding

bring us some foggy pudding

bring us some foggy pudding

and enjoy it his year

you see i deserve a job on TV

but for some reason buddha wants me to suffer with mental illness

maybe next life i can be famous

maybe next life i can help people with my millions

maybe next life i will be on a sitcom on TV

maybe next life i will go to every parade in the USA, living in the new york

mate i am suffering through mental illness

i am suffering through being a family person

as i can’t get rid of that voice saying i am a hooligan

like they said i ain’t welcome at the carols in the domain

because i have a mental illness, i am suffering because i really like

i am behaving, i am suffering with school mates treating me like a hooligan

when i want to be a family person who loves doing art and writing

and i hate being smiled at like i am too stupid to be a computer **** kid

i am still going to sydney, but i ain’t really into being thrown out like a hooligan

because as a buddhist i must respect their wishes, but i have no idea what i have done

all i wanted is to be in the front row, of the concert

but i guess i have to wait till my next life, where i can sit next to new mummy and new daddy and new brother and sister

and dress up,  you see i am a poor person suffering

and i don’t want to be a family person to the worlds point of view

if they can’t except me being a family person to my point of view

i am scared of getting bullied, oh yeah, but that is natural, i live life my own way

i see people shaving all their ****** hair like the nerds that they are, i prefer to look like a scruff

i am dreaming of a white christmas, well stop, cause in oz it’s too **** hot

i am a family person and i like people partying, what is wrong with that

i love christmas music and i can’t wait till wednesday when i go to stage ’88 for their carols

i am not there to cause problems, i am a family person
He's the one, my heart told me.
Here I am, once broken..why? no one could ever tell me.
This being has entered my life I once thought was a living lie, but sweet possession he had shown me.

Am I fooling myself, I don't think I am...the way he kissed my lips, his warm touches against my skin.
Here I am, ready to become a slave for him, dazed as he clutches my hand.

You drifted in and out of dreams, the rush that took over me, the timing of his love could not of come a better time.

These are the things love can do?
Is this me being really happy?
...because I felt it, in his kisses...I have missed him so much.

This feeling is so seldom, and I am scared, not of love but how much I am able to give, yet for the first time it is shared equally.

He, in his own right, is a gem that will for ever dazzle in my eyes, the way he looks at me and tells me he loves much I truly do. This is what love can do**

Shantel Broderick
My ally, where thou heart had laid on broken glass?
To thee I gave precious memories, blissfulness and unforgiving pleasures.

O' how I begged, I have surrendered to thee for the sparks of beautiful fruits I yearned for to be embedded in me.
With magic in your eyes, you've enchanted me.

My sorcerer, you came with dusty face, torn cloth wrapped around sharpen waist, you defended me.
To you I brought forth my love, placed demented soul in thy hands for thee to heal.

Ravishing, I walked boldly towards you, because my backbone you are. Thou stood firmly as a prayer to my needs in which thou, my ally fulfilled.

The apple of my eyes, the seed planted in my soul, fire that fought within me that only I know of. We were flesh within flesh, the blood that flows through my veins, the crick in my bones where sweet Juices had flown.

You were that aura that gave me peace, breaking me down like a deadly desease. "Ashtor" abondon... But you appeared spiritually directing me.

My sweet ally, where thou heart had laid on broken glasses?
I'll be there, stained on you like a scar.

-Shantel Broderick
To the man who is brave enough to love me in pieces, and make me whole
Friend  Jun 2021
Mrs. Broderick
Friend Jun 2021
I'll give you something to cry about!
I'll give you a transcript of all the things you said

a record of all the things you did
a clever recollection for you to look at

after you're done looking at my corpse.
I'll give you a mistress and traumatic time,

I won't, however, give you custody of the kids,
or even allow visitation.

I'll be a cruel *******, and give you a miserable life.
My plan was to get you hooked on money,

and my stupid ******* personality,
dictatorship and addicts withdrawal are sure to ensue.

Miss. Elizabeth Ann,
I'll give you a good time,

only until I find someone different.
Inspiration from the Betty Broderick/***** John series.

— The End —