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Dec 2015
i went to see the christmas lights yeah i did it wss fun

you see we were traveling around using our good eyes

we saw a few and i took a few photos after i had bolognaise and a beautiful cake

and i talked about the great poetry slanm a place to go to read poems

ya see, mate i thought the lights were fantastic, dude

we were sitting in the car getting photos of each’

we yelled out merry christmas to all the owners, cool man eat my shorts

it was radically awesome how each house had a lot of things in their display

i was talking about the movie deck the halls with danny devito and mathew broderick

both go for the right to be the streets christmas man

i am a bit of a christmas man, i love the idea of santa coming for the kids

dropping in through the computer, delivering presents as he he goes

i played santa at vinnies in belconnen and i enjoyed making the kids very happy

one kid said why do you want to play santa, i think playing santa gives me fulfilment

and we sing we wish you a merry christmas a full boar ripper christmas

we wish you a merry christmas

i have a big dose of schizophrenia, which makes me look tired

but, dude, it doesn’t really bother me, because i am healing, ya know getting better

and as i sit down anywhere, in cars and at hone, my mind has a tired look

sometimes it’s good to fight it, with the fact that you ain’t really tired

it’s just the high dose medication i am on

and as i travelled around the christmas lights

i was saying i wanna do more and i wanna see more, without looking at the time

because it was getting close to 10,00 and the others were tired

but me, i was happy to sit in the back looking at the lights till midnight

in the future i would love someone to take me out to civic on new years eve, that’ll be cool, man

and i think of bart simpson when i say, do the bartmab do the bartman

everyone back and forward from side to side

ya see, the medication makes me calm, making me think of how i was back in the 1970s

when i was mucking with my family in wood berry, and being told to shove my nose to the wood

but i loved stopping for an ice cream at hexham oak factory

and looking at the lights tonight, reminded me of when we walked down georgetown at their lights

ya see i was thinking, tonight, in the back seat, i am a happy dude, and the lights are making me a party dude

i wanna party all night long

it was a great christmas party, duds
Written by
johnny georgy brown
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