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JeanlBouwer Oct 2010
Met boeke vol helde, soos ek en jy
Potgieter, Trichardt, Smuts, Kruger selfs De LaRey
Almal met die doel, om hul volk te bevry,
Die Afrikaner, uit te brei
Om hul families, van leiding te bevry

Selfs, De LaRey
‘n Lafhart, wou eers nie beklei
Later die held, wat die boere, verder wou lei
Familie man, vader seun broer en gesant

Ja, die mense was ook bang
Maar met passie,
Met drang
Met dit wat slange vang
Het hulle als aangevang

Kyk na jou vriend
Kyk na jou maat
Kyk na die, anderkant die straat
Dis jy, wat hul toekoms baat
Dis jy, wat hul vereen, ou maat

Die Afrikaners, was plesierig
Dit, kan julle glo
Nou gevul, net met gierig
En al hul misnoe
Ja, dit kan julle glo

Waar is ons eendrag
Waar is ons mag
Waar is die dae, toe ons nog lekker kon lag
Waar is ons helde, van vandag

‘n Held, in elkeen wat die taal verstaan
Elkeen, wat n weg vir Afrikaans wil baan
Elk, wat sy man wil staan
vir die taal, wat min verstaan
‘n Kultuur, wat net ons verstaan

‘n Kultuur, so ryk aan helde soos ek en jy
Helde, wat die Afrikaner wil bevry
Helde, wat nie bang is om te baklei
Helde, soos ek en jy!
Wellington Smith Jun 2016
Darkness and light: the eternal battle,
One can not exist in the presence of the other.

The greatest contrast in the world:
Light and darkness; black and white
Always opponents to one another,
But maybe not quite.

For hundreds of years,
Men strove to the world's enlightenment,
Conquerors sailed the seas,
Armed with a sense of entitlement.

No community was spared,
Families were torn apart,
Heart from heart,
Did Her Majesty care?

Men always feared the unknown,
The things they didn't understand,
Any attempt to upset the colonial hierarchy,
Was met with swift reprimand.

Fast forward to a civilised world,
Where women are oppressed,
A man is judged on his race,
Persecuted because of the colour of his face.

No community was spared,
Families were torn apart,
Heart from heart,
Did the Afrikaners care?

Liberation before education,
The struggle was long,
Blood was shed,
Children lie on the streets of Soweto,
Fallen cold and dead.

For a while the storm was past,
The rainbow was shining in the sun,
A sign of hope for the future.
A nation was free at last.

But as power started to grow,
Men got greedy: Money ruled these men,
And the cracks began to show.

Fear controlled their lives:
They had millions at their command,
Any and all opposition were silenced,
By quick reprimand.

Our country bleeds for collaboration,
Black and white can work together,
We just need honest leadership,
We are the rainbow nation.

The cycle is starting anew,
Families are being torn apart,
Heart from heart,
What will Number One do?
A Eulogy for my country.

— The End —