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21/F/Forest    /M.A./ admit it- you're completely lost...
18/F    thunderstorm of a woman with so much to say
24/F/CT    I write for release. I write for catharsis I write, as it is my creative outlet. I write for me.
A Yellow Domino
Singapore    Just one of the many souls out there, falling like autumn leaves and falling like dominoes. The earth is beautiful if we believe.
yellow soul
way out in the waters    i cant stay in one place for too long. i end up getting roots. and believe me it's bad news for everyone when a girl ...
yellah girl
F/Unknown    know me if you can | love me if you can't | think of me if you don't
Yellow Moonlight
California. Sushi. Taiwan. Telekinesis. Backflips.
I'm not really sure    I don't exist
quietly yelling
wherever    nothing to say that anyone wants to hear!! Sex is like never know how many inches you'll get or how long it will last!!
34/F/Belgium    I love to write and promise to continue even if my words find no willing ears, but I do hope you enjoy reading me.
F/Indonesia    living loudly.
Just a girl trying to figure out life and at the same time running from it, using poetry and songwriting as a way to cope ...
Yellow-Haired Girl
Los Angeles    Hello. I am Sara. I like reading and writing short poetry. I think it is because I am always in a hurry. I like poetry ...
Ayelle Garcia
Quezon City    A literary ingenious/blogger. Always inspired to write wherever, whenever. A writer of many personas, and up for collaboration, especially with my dear Mark Francis Cruz.

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