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Mizanur Rahaman
India    "You may say I am a dreamer,but I am not the only one"
23/F/Indonesia    be yourself, everyone else is taken
pk tunuri
23/M/New Delhi    Architecture student in SPA, Delhi. POET, Shortfilm Maker.
Nurse Joy
In a mote of dust..    I am twenty-four years young, with the heart of a poet. I am fascinated by the arts, and perplexed by the universe.
Malaysia    Hi I'm 14. I like teas and bands. I write when it rains and I think you need to listen to Made in Heights. They're ...
Nur Aishah Azman
Malaysia    I love poetry. I read more than I write. But I do love to write too.
Nur Almaz
Malaysia    can't sleep, must write. Facebook : Nur Almaz Twitter : @Almazingg Instagram : @almazingg // @dreaminpoems with Alya Farzana
Jakarta    INFP, and a wanderlust of my own mind.
Efa Nuryani
26/F/Mind    A terrible mind reader
Anurag Lamsal
22/M/Kathmandu, Nepal    just another observer
Nurseto Kidung
Indonesia    I write words... and vice versa.
ismail onur
27/M/Indonesia    both an amateur poet and mine worker from East Borneo, Indonesia
anurag mishra
Mottakinur Rahman
Anurag Banerjee
Dreamer. Drifter. Photographer. And somewhere in the corner of the heart. A writer.
Nurul Amirah
White Castle    ;-)
Ari Nurzulaikha
18/F/Malaysia    an eighteen years old who love to write and read in English language.
Nurdini Izzati Norazmi
19/F    I like poetry
New Delhi    Interest-everything . Life- An unpredictable adventure(at times boring) Like to make friends.

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