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Nur Aishah Azman Jan 2018
Double tap,
Set on auto mode,
The thumb,
Scrolling down Instagram,

Not only the finger,
The whole being,
Stared and linger,

What is with the welled up tear?
When it's been nearly 3 years,
Seeping through the skin,
All the way to the core of ones 'being',

'Oh dear oh dear',
Never have you ever,
Not exist in the mind,
Nor forgotten,
With the passing of time,

Loser loser,
One who loves more,
Continuously falter,
One who loves more,
Continuously suffer,

Will it even recover?
Or the scar just gets deeper and deeper?

Nur Aishah Azman Apr 2015
The smell of rain as it falls,
Accompanies you, with the wind that courses through,

Warmth, it brings,
This heat that embraces you,
The earthy damp smell,
As you inhale your breath,
A stranger, yet familiar,
You are,

Oh how we long for a company to fill in the void within us yet in God's natural phenomenon can we be at ease if we just open our heart to every little gestures of this world and realise the BLESSINGS and LOVE  that He has already given us.
Nur Aishah Azman Jan 2015
Do you know what it means to go nuts?

To go crazy, ballistic and out of it?

I don’t either.

What does it mean to go nuts? How does a person get so confused and lost? How are they allowed to be in that state even?

What about us? Where were we? How can we let it happen? How did we not notice it? How did we allow it to happen?

How? Why?

These questions, circling endlessly, in this head of mine.

Because people are precious, each and every one of them is precious.

That in itself is a sufficient reason to not let people suffer anymore, and yet why do they?
Suffering more than they could bear? With each second ticking, fighting a war,
Battling their inner demons.


Till they end up losing the will to fight. And that white flag is raised.


We care, we do. Notice it? We don't, specifically, we didn't. Some things are masked really well that you don't see the suffering inside.

That broken heart, crumbling, smashed into pieces.
Nur Aishah Azman Nov 2014
You fall in love,
And then,
You fall out of love.

You started singing love songs,
Describing how even in the worst of times, everything seems to fall in place,
Despite how bad some things are, the flowers in the spring is all you can smell of.

And then,

People talk about how much it hurts,
How you'd rather have your bones broken since you have 206 of it because
The heart being the way it is, 1. Only 1.

If that is so,
Maybe you shouldn't describe it as falling 'in' love,
It creeps all the way in your veins down to the very core of your being.

Maybe, just maybe,
You should fall 'on' love,
Because then,
You won't feel the pain of departing when it's something you smother across your heart like peanut butter on a toast rather than inside your heart.

Or nah?

It's nothing personal really, but it's just something I thought of. Or nah? haha
Nur Aishah Azman Nov 2014
In a bottomless chasm, I fall.
Nur Aishah Azman Nov 2014
Nothing, she is,
She's numb,
Happy? No, Sad? No,
No pain, no feels,
Not a thing,
She cuts herself,
Pain, she feels it,
Ah, so maybe it's not nothing,

Nur Aishah Azman Sep 2014
If it were easy,
To change,
We would have changed,
I would have changed,

But, no,
Is a process,
An evolution,
Where bravery,
Is the main priority.

A pillar,
Is vital,
Upon aiding,
The recovery.

Is the reason I run,
Leading to procrastination,
A push is what I need.

Help me.

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