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Nur Almaz Jun 2016
No one is perfect,
We all know how well that's true.

We're all broken people,
With innocence scarred,
And heart bruised.

But to be perfectly honest,
That's what I like most about you.

Your bruises are reminders of the trivials you had to go through,
Your scars are evidence of the challenges you did not withdrew.

Because at the end of the day,
The world is your oyster to pursue,
Your skin is a blank canvas waiting to be blue,
And your life is another story waiting to be heard soon.
Nur Almaz Jun 2016
So I knocked knocked knocked on heaven's door,
Only to be answered by God Himself and asked, "what do you want Little Nur?"

I told Him, "I'm tired of waiting for your plans for me, I just need some closure".

He calmly replies, "inna maal 'usri yusra".
Nur Almaz Jun 2016
They say it's not a "goodbye" but a "see you later",
Because a "goodbye" is to bid farewell,
But a "see you later" means you will see each other sooner.

I have no problems with a "goodbye",
Because I see them for a chance for me to go on new adventures.
I also don't have a problem with a "see you later",
Because I see them as a chance for us to talk and catch up and have a little chatter.

But I don't like it when people say things when they don't mean,
Make promises they can't keep,
Build relationships they can't hold,
And share secrets they can't keep it to their own.

I guess that's why we don't say "hi" or "hello",
Or "goodbye" or "see you soon",
We say Assalamualaikum,
Peace be upon you,
And reply with a Waalaikumussalam,
And peace be upon you too.

We don't bid farewell,
We don't make plans to see,
We just pray for peace upon each other's lives,
And hope that our paths will meet.
Nur Almaz Jun 2016
Everyone that you think you know so well,
Is always keeping one secret so private that even they don't realize to be true.

You see someone so strong,
But never know the demons they had to fight.

You see someone so brave,
But never realize their inner demons they keep out of sight.

You see someone so confident,
But never notice the insecurities they think about at night.

You see someone so bold,
But never ask why they always seem to write.

Everyone that you think you know so well,
Is always trying to be their best self and to prove that they are alright.

Because that's what they are behind that mask and shiny coat of armour,
They are strong, brave, confident, and bold,
They are their own knight.
Nur Almaz Jun 2016
You can't pass down your imaan,
Like the way you pass down your old clothes.
People have different levels of imaan,
They need to practice religion on their own.

You can't pass down the deeds you have done,
To compensate the sins they have committed.
People need to learn from their mistakes and become their own person.

You can't pass down all the knowledge you have studied,
And expect them to learn and practice in an instant.
People need to be willing to open and listen and accept changes and different opinions.

You can however pray that they open their hearts and become a better person.
Always remember to raise your hands in supplication,
To the One who will listen,
Of your doubts and worries, your plans and missions, your hopes and dreams, even your biggest accomplishments.

Because we may not have absolute power to make every good thing to magically happen,
The power of du'a is all we have,
But it is a mu'mins greatest weapon.
Nur Almaz Jun 2016
Faith is challenge,
It shakes everything you thought you knew in this world,
To make you fulfill for a life in the Hereafter.

Faith is power,
It questions all the knowledge that you have,
To make you realize all the plans you pursued were never in your vigour.

Faith is strength,
It moves you so much with its trials and tests,
To make you become a person with honour.

Faith is grace,
It touches your heart in such trivial of ways,
To make you believe in His order.

Faith is love,
It grows in all of us day by day,
To make us believe that nothing is without our Creator.
Nur Almaz Jun 2016
Her eyes are windows to her soul,
Where she stores her dreams as long as the rivers flow,
As high as the clouds can form,
And as far and vast as the stars can glow.

Her heart is where she started it all,
Where she stores her passion at the centre of her core,
Where her passion for life started to draw,
Her love and passion is so big it can cause thunder, storms, floods, and even more,
But you know she isn't ever going to stop.

Her mind is equally filled with much imagination and know-how,
You would wonder when does she sleep with so much knowledge of the world,
But you will soon realize that she isn't the girl that you greet with a simple "hello",
Because she is the type of girl with a lot of places to go.
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