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Lillian May
F    "for from Him, through Him, and to Him, are all things." -Romans 11: 33-36 - - "He said: 'its all in your head' and I ...
Lillian Harris
22/F/Boston, MA    Hey, I'm Lillian. I'm a writer, photographer, musician and artist. You can find me on Instagram @lillyy_harris and VSCO @dre4mc4tcher
23/F/Ohio    “I can’t abandon the person I used to be so I carry her.”
Lillian Teresa
22/F/Texas    Lifelong poet who bleeds lines
Lillian Luna
Between hell and lust    I was made up in a dream to write of things forbidden to the genetics of the flesh and blood and longing of someone who ...
Lillian Sechrest
Gainesville, FL    I have a fiery passion inside of me for literature, and fine arts. Especially poetry directed in the expression of feelings. I write many poems ...
Lilliana Lucinda
Lust for life. A lush for love. Seeking beauty in everything. Instagram: lillianalucinda
United States    i like music and tumblr <3
19/F/NZ    Hey, my name is Stef. I think I maybe think too much and this is the end result. Enjoy.
Frances Lillian Bynum
F/Georgia    Sweet with a bit of sour. I am a thought that you will never forget.
Open your eyes.
Lilliana Dupre
19/F/South Carolina    My therapist says I need an outlet so here I am I’m open for collaborations!
16/F    I'm just trying not to fail everyone's expectations of me.
13/F/Gurgaon, Haryana    I'm a bisexual poet who doesn't rhyme. In fact, I don't even have a SENSE of rhyme :)
Lillian E Shoemaker
Charleston, SC   
Lillian Braswell
Lillian Rae Lee
Lillian A
18/F/Riverside    I love to read books and i love writing my own poetry
Lillian Hallberg
Boston    Former high school English teacher, debater, dean of MBA program. Current knitter and poetry maker.

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