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momentary peace
fleeting feelings of something
let me fall asleep
let me fall asleep

all ends, it all ends
it’ll never last
i’ll pretend, i’ll pretend

why won’t you let me go?
why won't you let me go?

i know
Lillian Green Aug 2020
you think you're over it.
you think you can live on your own

you're done with them
you don't need anyone

but you do

when they direct hate
at a general group of people

it doesn't hurt as bad
as them directing all their hate at you

you don't know what you're doing. you couldn't do this to save your life. you're wasting time. just leave it be. don't even try, because it isn't going to work.

and you fall back
on a support blanket

on people you thought you didn't need
on people you thought you were done with

people who will comfort you
no, you're good at this. calm down. look, you can do this, maybe try and look from a different perspective. don't listen to them.

people who'll make you feel better
what's their username, i'll show them. don't worry, they're just jealous because they don't know how to do that. i'm here for you.

and then you realise.
maybe you have to take **** from friends.
because you like different things
because you think differently

but they're still there for you.
like a support blanket to cover you.

and suddenly
you're not alone anymore.
Lillian Green Jul 2020
the thing about friendship
is you can talk about whatever you want
as long as both of you like the same stuff

and then life makes you spend time apart
to see if you can cope
to see if you're a person or just a half

and if you can
you find new things
you find new people

and suddenly
conversations are different
then, fighting. things that hurt
words are thrown around like bullets and knives

if not that,
then a bitter sense of cold
residing just behind the surface

then the last conversation
the final straw
number fifteen
the last time
you will take **** from anyone
Lillian Green Jun 2020
it started with rejection
a depressed widow kicked out
after testing positive
her family went with her

one building away
a man tested positive
he wasn't kicked out
because his wife
was popular here

nine floors down
a friend who wasn't really a friend
a nice girl who wasn't all that nice
got it
i was relieved
no more using elevators for me
thanks very much

and then
three floors up
someone tested positive

and then
my grandfather was at risk
because his friend's wife
got the virus

and now
what seemed so distant a possibility
is staring me right in the face
much too close for comfort
Lillian Green Apr 2020
They say on the news
Five thousand, six thousand
Numbers slowly creeping up
Staying at home, doing everything digitally
Six thousand, seven thousand
Then, there's people breaking rules
Walking outside as if it's normal
Spreading more than just a virus
Seven thousand, eight thousand
And we're the ones who have to suffer for it.
Nine thousand.
Lillian Green Apr 2020
I know I'm supposed to worry
But honestly, I'm bored out of my mind.
Lillian Green Mar 2020
Live for adventure,
Nothing is stopping you but your imagination,
Boundaries set by the mind.

Live for clarity,
There’s a fine line between seeing,
And believing.

Live for truth,
It will come out in the end,
And you will love it.

Mostly, live for life,
You only get one chance.
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