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just stuck ya know


RW Dennen Sep 2014
This is in dedication to Mr. John Grant a spokesman
for Veterans for Peace local 31. When during the late Bush years we protested the Bushy Zombies in West Chester
Pa. This took place every Saturday from early morning till
around 4 or 5 pm. He keep saying, "They're drinking the cool-aid."
P.S. Veterans for Peace is also national and is registered
under the U.N. with its own magazine. This was poem was written in 2010
Besides it has a rap beat to it

Lies ah decieven' our minds ah believen'
by ah drinkin' the cool-aid; eatin' funny-fudge
Drive-by ah flyin' innocent babes ah dyin',
while ah drinkin' the cool-aid; eatin' funny-fudge

Blacks  against slavery racists say lazy,
Jim Crow ah knowin', black vote ah growin',
voter lines ah showen', black suppression ah growin',
while ah drinkin' the cool-aid; eatin' funny-fudge

Mr. sweater vest advisin' theocracy risin' ( Rick *******)
gays cannot marry his heavy-load to carry,
all Muslims are targets by his government harlots,
body meedlers of women, no rights he has proven
by ah drinkin' his cool-aid and eatin' funny-fudge

Mexican Border right-wingers disorder,
Jail complexes growin', their profits showin',
public schools no maintain', corporate zombie schools gainin',
while ah drinkin' the cool-aid; eatin' funny fudge

Corporations are people super-vote-money inclusion,
Super Pacs' delusion, Democracy illusion,
while ah drinkin' the cool-aid; eatin' funny-fudge

Profits by Lockheed Martin perpetual wars embarkin',
wars appeasin' without good reason,
while ah drinkin' the cool-aid; eatin' funny fudge
No good reason callin' Wikkeleaks treason,
while ah drinkin' the cool-aid; eatin' funny fudge

Houses ah runnin' from ex-owners ah gruntin',
our lands will desert us whole nature unnerved us,
while ah drinkin' the cool-aid; eatin' funny fudge

Street people ah growin' with hardly non knowin',
parents ah cryin', hungry tots ah dyin', emergency rooms
ah packin', it's healthcare ah lackin'
While ah Wall Street ah hoppin' in triumph give-away-ah-hoppin',
while ah drinkin' the cool-aid; eatin' funny fridge

Slave hours grind us while paychecks are minus,
GOP congress never behind us,
while ah drinkin' the cool-aid; eatin' funny fudge,
Zombies surround us to only remind us,
I couldn't possibly use the brand name drink for fear of  being sued.
most important is to know that the cool-aid stuff is garbage propaganda by right-wing talking heads. I know you know who they are. I'm certainly glad of that. Thank you all...
Robin Carretti May 2018
Take a dive

Marathon Race or
Dodge me poker face
Jerry Lewis
all laughs Wild cheeks

Her homemade fudge
Can pick up
anyone's desire weeks

The dodge brake
Oh! Please me
For Heaven sake
A love big mistake

Dodge leaks life stinks
Hail the plumber
As fast as Mary blinks
Jim  Carey on
dumber To abuse the

BMW the beamer
The car oil
leaks purple

((That Dodge Divorce))
Here's Joyce
to drink Saturday
Night Johnny
Drenched her thirst

Tire flat as a
I Hop  mouth racer
A-D-D American
Donald Duck
Starbucks any luck
Robin knew
the CEO
Howard Schultz
in Canarsie
Babalu skip (LOU)

Dodge Star dipper
car racer (D) cup
Flags her down
Like a homemade fudge

The 50's antique cars
The Preacher can melt
your brain
The homemade fudge
Was dripping

He auctions car collection
Affection her imported cars
with fudge ice cream
the seventies
Disco All straight long hair
In the middle
His beard so gritty
Topsy car Turvy
Curve  your car

Cars and Coffee
The Comedians
Became naughty
Mothers beach house
Could win
and melt
any Judge

Dante' Dodge battery
Mesmerized switch
Her eyes like fudge
the forties
or fifties
Sorority college
Dodge authority
the twenties is not
a Priority yippee
We can do what we want
The computer Hippie
Emails hot fudge

((Those Viruses

Please with a
  but in between
Miss Charlotte
Sweet Carolina
What could
ever be finer
Then molasses
Then we age we
are linked
into chains
on our neck
with glasses

The competition
Move quickly
the dodge right in

Time for the fifties
roller skating
My Prospect Park
me ice-skating
Too many people
heavily mating
The Dodge so cool racing but your like the Artisan lady tracing keep on pushing until you cannot push Old Betsy she is wet as a whistle
Paula Swanson Dec 2010
Sung to the tune of:
I'll Be Home For Christmas

Oh, I got fudge for Christmas,
from my daughter-in-law.
I whined and begged,
til I got my way,
and I'm not sharing it.

Ooooh, Thanks for the fudge for Christmas,
I will repay this deed.
It was suppose to be homemade,
but she bought it all from See's.

oooooh, I got fudge for Christmas,
and you can count on this.
By the time, I eat it all,
it will be on my hips.

Oooooh, I got fudge for Chriiiiiissssstmaaaasssss
I'll be seeing it in my Dreeeamms.

Dedicated to Tammy,
My Daughter-in law.