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Scot Powers Sep 2015
a simple gift
yet one so full
of meaning and belief
placed around my neck
with hopes and loving dreams
placed there by my loving friend
as I stared out at the sky
the light streamed in warming the room
as inwardly I cried

I cried for the moment
but you would never see
the love that I held for you
grew ever ,ever deep
I cried for what I could not have
and what could never be
I cried for the loss
of those feelings within me

There is not a day goes by
when I reflect on that day
or when you greeted me
in your special way
I read the words you wrote to me
and smile all the same
and gently rub the ring I wear
while whispering your name
Scot Powers Sep 2015
Writing as a hobby
is  always such a thrill
the emotions that are brought forth
are like cobwebs on the sill
remnants of past feelings
pour from within
take you back a bit in time
to when you felt the whim

A distant season from your life
that taught you how to be
a fragrence on the drifting wind
that set your soul  so free
I often sit and think of you
you know who you are
stories shared and moments spent
drinking tea and laughing hard

Writing as a hobby
is like climbing a steep hill
pushing ever forward
ever higher for the thrill
escaping all distraction
as you reach so deep within
pulling out your deepest past
your secrets and your sins
relenquishing your ego
to fit the story in
its in these times I think of you
and the peace which flows within
Scot Powers Jun 2015
green and black
was what you wore
in the mid day sun
chatting with another
like we had once done
I wonder if you feel the same
or share so willingly
the words and emotions
that once came so freely
are there times when you look back
with fondness and regret
or are the moments that we shared
indifferent and bereft
just another port of call
shelter from the storm
a mirror to reflect upon
the way you carry on
oh I wish to see again
the smile upon your face
as you open up your door
and wrap me in  your embrace
Scot Powers Mar 2015
The voice from the screen
a face that's never seen
advises you unknowingly
blurring the lines
one day at a time
until control is complete
Scot Powers Mar 2015
The Stubborn man refused to budge
or listen to complaints
he always wore a frown they said
while standing at the gate
on rainy days he might stay in
on sunny days stay late
but there was not a day went by
when he wouldn't wait

Exactly what he waited for
no one could ever say
the local folks just wandered by
wishing him a pleasant day
he would gruffly wave them off
and mutter to himself
while keeping up his vigil
and keeping to himself

Curiosity finally gripped me
I had to find out for my self
so cautiously I approached the man
and this is what I asked
why do you stand here every day
peering into the wind
a lonely endless vigil
seemingly without end

He smiled at me as best he could
and slowly shook his head
"I am waiting for somebody
who wants to be a friend".
Scot Powers Mar 2015
With glowing eyes
meeting mine
time stood still
so divine
watching as
the sun did set
for all the trials
no regret
to have another
loving day
sharing laughs
while we play
but those days
are ending soon
the sands of time
change the rules
so I will grasp
and cling to
my little girl
an adult too soon.
For my Daughter, man where have the years gone..,
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