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Jun 28
there is real beauty
in prismatic light
dew drops
touched by sunlight
On a perfect days dawn
there is real beauty
in ***** rain puddles
in city sidewalk gutters
an oily rainbow
streaks of colour
running the spectrum
causing a catch of breath
in my throat
caught and fraught
there is real beauty
in the fruit bats
immortalised and suspended
fried on the wire
of Sydney's city power lines
their final graceful swoop
caught and fraught
he told me once
I'd never been
more beautiful
to him
salty cheeked
tear stains married with
a fine misted sweat
swollen eyed
flushed still
from our climactic
holy moments
the guttural heart pain
mixed with pure joy
caught and fraught
that last time
I had to cut you out of me
like a cancer
tearing me apart
with my own fingers
you killed me
on a daily basis
just to rip me back into life
every sunset and moonrise
resurrecting our love
pinning me to the board
while my wings
still fluttered madly
caught and fraught
smiling you watched on
the stumbling bumble bee
drops of your bourbon
as you drowned in it
as you drowned out of it
caught and fraught
there is real beauty
in the burning fuse
heartbeats racing
the moment it all blows apart
I gather all the tiny pieces
of my poems you tore apart
at the time
the time that they stole
from being with you
black magic
flipping the switch
caught and fraught
I'm making a glue
from my tears
and my blood
you spilled
so I can rebuild myself
a papier mΓ’chΓ© life...

but that's another poem
for another day

Jayne E
Written by
Jayne E  F/New Zealand
(F/New Zealand)   
         Thomas W Case, Michael, Crow, Hector, --- and 9 others
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