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Jun 27
monster #1

monster #1
gifted to me
my first taste
of real
guttural sorrow
stitched my lips
sealed tight
with threats of
"you'll wake up - dead tomorrow"
as a child
I was not stupid
quite the opposite
in fact
but no child
endures weeks of torture
and comes out
the other side
monster #1
had a partiality
for young
fresh maids
and precise
he was sick
morally bankrupt
in spades
he walked the world
dressed in the guise
of perfect gentleman
had everybody fooled
as only the best
true monsters can
he took what he craved
with no care
for damage done
decidedly depraved
not satisfied
'til her
young innocence
he had won


monster #2*

monster #2
was an entirely
different kettle of stew
wore the costume
of a beloved
and then used
what he knew
12 years of 'love'
both given & taken
gold rings sealed
all others forsaken
when love flew away
a true monster revealed
rather than release
the 'one true love of his life'
he plotted with vengeful
dark caprice
the undoing
of his trusting sweet wife
the best laid plans
can still go awry
as on Valentines night
she was
intended to die
11th hour pleas
from the monster
to his crew
kept her
out of her grave
but not all
could he undo
though he cried
and he wailed
filled with
and regret
that ship had
already sailed
too little too late
beaten and bruised
her they did violate
toyed with
and used
once more
she did break
as monster #2
a slaughterhouse
of his wife
he did make.

- epilogue -

any sane human
might ask
may seek to know
why would a man
who professes
to love her so much
such an
ungodly horror show?

her crime was
she left him
his anger distilled
if he cannot have her
then nobody will
so throw her
to the brutes
and bid them
to take
their sickly
violent fill


Not all monsters start out that way makes it more unbearable, more painful, when there was real love as the foundation...
two ends of the spectrum of violation and abuse...#1 a relative 'stranger', & ruiner of children. #2 the opposite, beloved of more than a decade, turned bitter and vengeful, when loves well ran dry, because I could no longer live with his increasing violence, fed by his deepening obsession and deisre to 'own' me like a prized possession...
Jayne E
Written by
Jayne E  F/New Zealand
(F/New Zealand)   
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