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Sarah DeeSarah Feb 2016
I can't remember
What it feels like
To kiss you.
  Jan 2016 Sarah DeeSarah
I want to pick out wallpaper with you.
I want to laugh
While we're in the grocery store
Deciding what to make for dinner.
I want to fall asleep ten minutes into the movie
Wrapped in your arms
No makeup, no clothes, no worries.
It seems
Such a grownup way to want someone,
Such a different way to love.
I have been searching my whole life
For a way to exist in this world.
This ordinary, mundane world
This place I've done much to escape from and to
My way out of.
I remember once I wrote a poem
About how big things don't **** you,
Small things do.
I said people turn to ash as life wears them away
And crumble into their morning cereal.
The mundanities of life
Seemed killers to me.
But you...
You bring joy to every ordinary moment.
I already know the beauties of this world well.
I stop and make myself see them.
It is the dullness I've neglected, the little boring things--
I've never gotten to treasure ordinariness.
I've always had to slip past moments of silence like a shadow, hoping not to linger long enough to feel lonely.
You have opened up
Half the world for me.
You have given me the freedom to look forward to
Every shopping trip
Every chore
Every lazy Sunday.
Things that let my demons out before
Now I can treasure them,
Now you've let the sun in on them
And I don't know if you'll understand how incredible that is when you read this poem
But I can assure you
...It's the best.
Sarah DeeSarah Jan 2016
I woke up today feeling lonely,
As if my dreams used up all my happiness.
I look at the time, ten-thirty.
I feel the hollowness creeping into my chest,
I try to fall back into a peaceful sleep,
But it's to late, ten-fifty.
So I get out of bed to begin my day,
Knowing that the emptiness will linger.
Still working on this one...
Sarah DeeSarah Dec 2015
Not a day goes by where I don't miss you.
I hate myself for being so weak,
For not being able to move forward.
There's a constant ache in my chest,
That intensifies when you come to mind.
But still I let myself day dream about you,
Even though it hurts.
Sarah DeeSarah Dec 2015
Every day I try
To keep my heart
From breaking.
Yet it still shatters...
Sarah DeeSarah Dec 2015
We humans are so cruel.
The way we hurt each other,
With out even realizing it.
As if we have never experienced sadness ourselves.
And without even meaning to,
We create this painful cycle.
Where no one wins,
Someone is always hurt,
And happiness is nothing but a memory.
  Dec 2015 Sarah DeeSarah
amy emma
sometimes you just feel ugly: inside and out. and there's nothing you can do about it. no amount of makeup can mask your insecurity and no empty laughter can disguise it. you feel desperately and utterly helpless to the demons in your mind whispering, "you are not enough, you will never be enough." and your brain is yelling and your heart is thumping and your feet are running but you
because that's what you've always done.
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