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It’s easy to breath
When you are near me
Even though you take my breath away
I will not be sleeping
till I write the words
that are keeping
me awake

I’ll make the most
of a late night evening
and by the morning
for you to wake

Who’d have thought
I’ll be weeping
while you’re dreaming
words too late

while gone
I keep writing
alone and grieving
words I wish I wrote
and now reaping
your fate
i looked in to the mirror it was rather strange
the person that i used to see as began to change
hair is turning  grey not like it was before
wrinkles are appearing not smooth anymore

now i look so different than i did before
youth it has now gone not young anymore
but im the same inside that will never change
just the rest of me makes me look so strange
sardines they are funny very small and thin
living in the dark locked inside a tin

they must be rather stupid  where they want to hide
locked up in a can when the key is left outside

will they ever learn to stay out in the sea
not to hide in tins where they cant break free
We mature with our mistakes and pain,
Not with years.
My words explode onto paper like an erupting volcano
Slowly bubbling until it detonates
Causing a colorful burst of emotions to splatter across the page
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