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i would give you
all the stars,
all the planets,
just to see that smile
The time will pass,
You will have love,
There will be more sunlight,
You are still a part of the world despite.
a poem to calm myself
I learned love isn’t always beautiful
Love will cut like a samurai sword
Like a ninja warrior in broad daylight,
It will hurt and may scar you for life.
It's not true that love shouldn't ever hurt,
The hurting just shouldn't be in vain.
Hurt in vain, is suffering.
And who the f….has time for that?
black urn offerings
absent colors, snow flakes, you
winter winds disperse

i am so tired
everything that
exhausts me
keeps me
at night
having a hard time sleeping
He gave me dead flowers
So I can smell them every day
The rotten petals falling
The color of decay

The washed out sunflower
The dehydrated leaves
The mold on the water
The color of debris

The richly red rose
Now drooping to the floor
The color of love
Existed no more

But still I saved the flowers
And smelled them every day
And watered them with tears
To let them grow again.
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