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Saddam Husen Feb 2015

You are my first breeze of autumn
After cold long night, the sparkling sun
A mid-summer night’s sweet dream-
Which stays in heart forever

First rain with awaiting relish
Coral eve with soft drift
You are the one for me
My heart-beat and its music
Can’t live without one another.

Come along to make it large
To serge the heart
My core and your beat
My step by your feet
Yours eyes and my tears
We’ll made love pure and immortal.
Saddam Husen Feb 2015
By saddam husen

I was always around you
But you respond as I was not existed
The moment, when you was upset
I spend all my day arrested.

I was looking you thousand
And wanted only reflection from the moisture eyes
Ah! You turned down me for him
I hate that time;
When you accepted his proposal,

I never disclose my fantasies
The dream; which always I have been seen
Foolish I was, ah! That blinding me now
That dream; which, now, it has not any mean.

I am expressing what I have
Because I still love you; more than love
Now I am in heaven, all above
Happy I am, in calm heart, no pain is allowed.
Saddam Husen Feb 2015

Evening time;
Tea time with her,
Suddenly rain interrupted
Small drops start falling from sky
It was bonus for her
She likes rain very much
She looked at me as I was denied
But I know it very well.

I murmur softly in her ear;
‘It is for you, go for it.’

She happily ran out
First she took some drops on her palm
Then she felt it on her face
With close eyes; she was making them special
Drops were rolling down slowly
Started from her face then neck, then down and down.

But it was surprise
When she looked other place
All the other court-road was dried.
Saddam Husen Dec 2014

At the time of evening
She was at opposite roof of him
And he was other side of road
Eyes were on each other
They were smiling for no reason.

Aware with the others, yet…
Hearts blooms when he sends flying kiss
She catches it
Cover her face with same hand.

When mislead wind play with her hair
That time her DUPATTA hovering
Making trouble
She tries it to hold properly
He smirked on her blend behavior
Girl snidely got angry
Stumpy turn around
Then he caught his ear with queer face
And she burst into laugh.

Saddam Husen Dec 2014

The rhyming of the chimes
Through the temple though the heart
It is acting as unification
My whole world, my whole thought

Your hand for éclat but eyes on me
Lips praying but brow dance
You are in mixed emotion over my dare
But different story with your hair surged

Scolding me with pleasant heart
But concern with surround
I’m behind your a flare tippet
You are escaping but had not mind

That’s the beauty of hidden love
No sin, no secret nor is punishment.
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