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Mike Rollain Nov 2021
has torn your book
redstained spine
scarred sand-
paper palm

Mike Rollain Nov 2016
I'm now well into my thirties, which is to say
I'm too old to be stumbling in the dark
Too young to be measuring by touch
The depth of these scars or
Predicting their long-term effects on
Short-term sorrows

Immeasurable goals

But I can see just fine, thanks
My eyes adjusted years ago and
I'll rip those shades
When I'm ******* ready
Mike Rollain Oct 2016
Poring over months-old words
Losing will and time to count
Embellishing every syllable
Coughing up the spaces
Choking on the lines
All the same lines
Fooling no one

Maybe one
Mike Rollain Jul 2016
Words blooming
Bright petals of sun
Burning on entry
Scorching pavements
Mike Rollain Jun 2016
Fight to escape
A vapid pull
Settle for orbit
Scream along
Twenty times
The speed of life
Seemingly still
Still we fall
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