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Feb 2022 · 90
Renard Jackson Feb 2022
The direction of blame often has implications for individuals’ emotions and behaviors
Before I blame anybody I'm going to blame myself
Because knowing the What's and the How's
The opposite of empathy, due to self afflicted injuries
You are only privileged what you've contributed
Feb 2022 · 76
Renard Jackson Feb 2022
Desecrated in cold stares not beyond ones sight to be unheard
Involved with actions of screenplay
Fought so slightly with means to run away
Not scared, just irritated
Heaves implacability to be disrespected
Lounged from so far to be seen as an outcast
Jan 2022 · 67
Renard Jackson Jan 2022
Knowing right from knowing what’s wrong
Doing out of spite to move on
Detrimental drinking patron
I’m living life in a zone
Misconstrued I’m feeling tested
Living life but fighting death
Recognizing demons within myself
Surrounded by feelings except love
Reaching for acceptance refrain from no glove
Bask in your memories of hope to be spared
Grasp to the decision of how much do I care
In fear of nothing as in no man or no woman
Although death could be around the corner so is it the future I wonder
Aside from my actions my words are a interlude
For I see myself as one hell of a dude
Faults might vary in truths no lie I’m as close to having clarity as to growing wings to fly
With only family no friends life ends where it begins
Dec 2021 · 157
Renard Jackson Dec 2021
Strip, remove, pull, or tear the covering or outer layer from something.
cant give too much from what is taken, I Am.
Dec 2021 · 84
Thoughts from her
Renard Jackson Dec 2021
Make your intentions clear so we both don’t waste each other time stop dating people who only wants to see you at night if you want those who know nothing about a date night, vacations, or surprises.
After you pick someone over me, please don’t bring your lame *** back people will come back in your life after they get disappointed by people they thought were better than you. No hook up or *******, I’m patience enough to seek the right one, to find that special kind of love that’s what I want to feel but I would be patience for the right one if interested it would be a pleasure, I’m not here for games. It would be nice for someone real with someone that chooses you everyday not just when they are in the mood for you.
Eventually they are the same
Dec 2021 · 55
The moment
Renard Jackson Dec 2021
You say things but are you believing what you say or does it just sound good because it's more work to make it believable than to just put in words and have someone to assume it's real
Well should you know it's ******* by the way it smells
Looks are deceiving
Wondrous smiles and joyful gestures
Through the window panes judgements are likely procedures
Instincts are natural with a gutted feeling which you are inattentively in tuned
Exclusive days to dissolution nights
No warning signs poverty backgrounds got you ready for anything
Played, but this no game...
Appearance appeals what's their is only for the moment
Plan for the great not just to make
Make the best of your situations
Dec 2021 · 70
Renard Jackson Dec 2021
Wants, are your ******* of making something good for a satisfaction of a spare desire
Embracing, the fact that your will to choose is in favor of what makes you happy
Although you Can, you are able to; determination gives you more of a basis to lack there of
Nothing, wants more for your loneliness to starve you of your excitement taunting you silence having no prospect of progress.
Hope, carrying you like a carriage summoned on a timid night through times of disparity in means to Keep Things Alive
Need, is what makes things change possessing the power to make things happen, if and when they do come together that clarity of you needed that is in suspense..
Dec 2021 · 278
Renard Jackson Dec 2021
I love, because it suppose to be shared  thoughtless actions with intentions of forgiving
I give, with the strength in me to  stay striving while I push and squeeze alone to get
I emphasize, connecting with one feelings or forthcoming as I have perceived in my journey of happiness
I miss, encountering the unknown of beliefs which I have no understanding and no control of..
To Take is to Consume as Adapting is to Amend?
I asks, to ensure my curiosity
Of which I'm unintelligent on the subject
Dec 2021 · 60
Renard Jackson Dec 2021
Greets with smiles and talks for awhile
Introduced with a wave, exchange of names and the seven numbers I saved
Words interest curiosity, feelings velocity, introducing atrocity.
Competitive competition companions
Falling for each other, in squabbles of long standings
Converse emotionally satisfaction is carried through guarantee with subdue
Not to be mistaken if you over think it, can be confused
Amelioration of the voice DrinkSpace
And I feel like my needs or wants send me to a dark place
Attentions got my ears wide open
Intentions of fears of this ending is what I'm hoping
Decisions made bed laid what's to sway
Can't control most feelings
But to doubt is not living
And if I'm wrong I'll be livid
I stand on that pivot
Taunting, eating at me like a tapeworm
Approaching calm but aggression is called for these terms
I wanna be heard and not linger on ever word
OH WELL flicking the bird
Another day another dollar I had it up to my neck (collar) call her
Her to the why's and what's
Know.. Don't wonder... Be sure!
Dec 2021 · 48
Still Crossings
Renard Jackson Dec 2021
To be missed Is a word of empathy
Taken with just a simple gesture
The logic of it all is in need of some understand
Life is to be given not taken for those are the ones whos interpretation
Is mistaken for mistakes made
Thoughts perpendicular as one life is pass to another
Money is calibrated to those of this dilution.
What's understood needs no explanation
Even though cross contamination can cause illness amongst us all
Examination is the overseer of some misunderstanding
Still, as fortress built on a good foundation
We stand for what we beloved to knowing.
Nov 2021 · 321
Drink Up
Renard Jackson Nov 2021
Woke up in a bliss
I ain't happy about ****
No woman to even kiss on
Let alone call on the phone
Too blister in coming home
Out putting such off in my lungs
No filtler can't hold my tongue
Just started and say she done
Too gone to make her come
Absent from absentia mysteriously mistaken as if it's too good to be true
Asking for more than I can chew
Light bill past due
Thoughts of who I could *****
Nostalgic way to take a chance
Just another to day to be a man
Ridiculed for haven't advanced
How I suppose to know how you feel
Living my life based off someone else perspective
Laughing cause it's funny, all the way to bank
Drown in your own sorrows..shht have another drink?!
To care... Or not to care
That is the ⁉️
Nov 2021 · 67
Speed Balling
Renard Jackson Nov 2021
Different objectives,  a mixture, what have we
Life obstacles, choices,  preserving,  the questions with theologically "if you asks me"
What is the the price to pay for our mistakes?
Occupied time with our occupied minds
Childhood memories mingle
With those from the fantasy world a mindscape
You're down while standing up
Higher than a parachutist Proceeding to inhale exhale focusing in on cardio- in-need-of-rest
Fueled by the stress this gas has taken it's effect
Pay more for quantity of less
If it kills it's the best or slow your heart down from beating out your engulfed chest
You get what you pay for and you deserve what you get
So asks you shall receive to every cause there is and effect.
A life with no boundaries is life going sideways with no direction you will end up no where..
Nov 2021 · 49
Corrodible moment
Renard Jackson Nov 2021
Sank is to float as rise is to fall
Gift is to prize as celebrate is to ball
Life is a must as to crime is to criminals
Endure is to touch as to questions are subliminals
To be full it's enough as a dream is an epiphany
So trust to be fooled as we surrender to save
Are we moving forward to get back kiss *** to be in front
That's *** backwards¡
Tolerate ignorance to be smarter ones
Acceptance of the small comings and you are being the bigger man
Fly before you stand, be all you can be with no upper hand
Raise is to uplift overseeing is not to understand
Sharing is caring and it's better to give than receive
To have is to own although possession is 9/10 of the law these days
To grasp is just a moment but you have to hold on.. be what they'll say
Nov 2021 · 39
Renard Jackson Nov 2021
Vibrant, strong, pleasant
The beginning of a phenomenal period of time
Special, courteous, vigorous
Becoming evident to the mind
You brighten my sky taking away the darkness in my life
Cautious with concern of your feelings I want to be a better man for you
In a hurry to make you happy even though time is a virtue
Thinking of ways to make our life a statement of endurance
I would stop breathing if that keeps you from talking my breathe away
Infatuated with your "why" and "what's”
Prefer to accommodate your "hows" and "wants"
Intrigued by your "now's” and "don't s"
You are a phenomenal period in my time and it's becoming evident to my mind.
Accept what you have stay woke
Nov 2021 · 63
Renard Jackson Nov 2021
Inspiration, worship, venerate
To me you are more than words can implicate
Docile, pull me away just don't lead me astray
I chose happy over horrid, to cherish over destroy it
Miles between us I tend to ignore it, cause there isn't anywhere I'll go or come to and see my feeling for you flourish
If it's an open road I'll floor it
Unfamiliar places exploited
Casting more than a net to catch this dream
Appalled by past situation defaulted her meen
I do what I say and say what I mean
A chance taken for a risk given
Reasoning for the "why" am I living
I adore you I get it....
Accept what is, life is short
Nov 2020 · 46
Renard Jackson Nov 2020
Appeased to be accepted
Anchorage by failure
Torn by choices
Apparently indecisive of my self worth
Aquired to have feelings
Envisage always with standards
Told to be obeyed
Hollered only to be infuriating
Wondrous for the curiosity
To be enslaved to your
In paucity of examples
Without the power of speech after listening
Scared of rejection
Reflect only to what is accepted
Confused soley to ones deterrent
Detoured following the inlet
Am I suppose to stay patience
Ravishing my lost goal
I yearn to achieve set to default
Acknowledging thus aspect
To deflect your whole objective.
Feeling that you are in tuned with
Be careful than closer
Aug 2020 · 50
Renard Jackson Aug 2020
Place Walking

Trying too hard with effortless means
Short schemes no dreams
In tunne with reailty
Trapped, to find a way out But "no pity" in my deception.
Lost, cause you have no direction
In actuality S*@% I'm screaming this my call out
Actions speaks louder than words Encouragement can't be seen
Best said as you play shall you lay. A balance beam What's your place?

Introducing what youth have is yours. Make it,  Own it!
May 2020 · 73
Renard Jackson May 2020
Awhile sin truth be told you'll sin again.
But one sin shouldn't be the cause of you to lose a friend.
Although sin can be the option for you to think again
Amazement comes many hatred uplifted plenty
Trouble cause from different angles all sides from different cities.
Sins make it hard for you to trust any
Played to weigh not seeing straight
Staright-up I ain't going no way
If you condem the sin well who sent ya
Pledge to to please the mental to make it simple
We was all damaged before we enter
Mar 2020 · 74
Renard Jackson Mar 2020
Opposed inter courses with crashed images suffer
Bags brittleness stash secretly a million mumbles
Opinionated receiving-ly I'd proclamations
Laugh isf despise becclure unfamiliar faces
Gave my decency add to my atrocity
Gotta kick in my colonoscopy
Mar 2020 · 59
Renard Jackson Mar 2020
Her I am again in a spiral-down-face fall
Looking up to expectations although it's not a good look
To be grateful another day I wake to carry on my sorrows
Is a blessing to come to an conclusion and figure it all out
In a reverse mortgage payments are not due
Obligated to keep an upholstery on my life
Hard to pick up the pieces when you broken already
Speaking out only to be heard in the ears of the readers
Either my words to be written out instead expressed in a vocal manner
Changing to another pattern or changing the voice of the verb (from active to passive or vice versa) will break the parallelism.
I have to stay focus... It's about how you look at thing not.. You know....
Mar 2020 · 64
Renard Jackson Mar 2020
Hey I am unimpressed with, purposely just restless
Delusional making a death wish, likely for an investment
More than I expected, doubting, feeling resentment
Trust me, I'm relentless I wanna see it through
Heading in the wrong direction distracted from a thing or two
A burden is weighing ******* me, I can't stand it
Let's alone be a man and continue what I planned
With no support I can't sustain this, so confused no words I gather could explain this
Learning allot though, depression, starting within sanking like a pothole.
Don't forget your problem and own up to what you do. You are your own fault.
Jan 2019 · 146
New years
Renard Jackson Jan 2019
Hide the emotion
Drink and drink some more
Ignore remedy sway with the music
Laughs with intentions insert of gestures
Deployed minds think alike
Cluster in one spot refuse to be touch by another
Noises, voices, crackling flash power
Unfamiliar bystander implying good greeting
Annoyance, distraught, fatigue
Promises, lies, and sinning
Unclaritiy to yourself respectfully you request the best.
Dec 2018 · 103
Renard Jackson Dec 2018
Sitting dazed in assumption
Out in the open position for attraction
Marking time with notes of deaeration
Following the hands that past time
Paused only to stands still
Alone in a life on stand by
You only enhanced time seeking to expect
Short days and long nights
Staying where I am cause I delay action
until something else happens........
"Should I or should I not"
Dec 2018 · 265
Collateral damage
Renard Jackson Dec 2018
Full speed ahead
Like a crash dummy
Seeking relativity walking in stores to waste time and don't have any money
Lingering to make sense of holding on
Not knowing so you drink Ensure to stay strong
Convinced of what she say though it doesn't last that long
Disrespectful to her but you want that bih to throw ya dawg a bone
Getting old like the cabbage patch
Catching habits in this habitat
Today you riding the wave or you drown
We make a come up or getting drugged to the ground
Simplest things aren't easy anymore
That's why we go hard
Taking what we don't got and a little more.
Make your life
Sep 2018 · 1.2k
Renard Jackson Sep 2018
One of those days you notice most things through yesterday's eyes
In a moment you feel distraught in someone's decision said it applies to you
Feeling blah
a place of intense competition or ruthless struggle for survival,
a gathering place for the unemployed.
They sweat for the sun and hurt for dirt, cry for work and smile to struggle.
Money accumulate and it resolve in one big circle.
Your concerns and criticism is tossed like eaten herbivores, not your biggest fear
Individual self made issues stir as you consummate with one's in the same environment.
A battle of nice and not-nice to talk, smile, converse in a suite of respect.
But allowances is as far as you allow not wanting to be consumed.
It's like a jungle out here!
Doubt to be doubted. Love and win. Assume with belief. Protect your heart. #new
Aug 2018 · 103
Blue sky
Renard Jackson Aug 2018
no end like the big blue sky
Dense by shallowness for this life has Force
Conscience of oneself in predicaments that you asks questions
Mind blisters, wanting incredible to gleam impeccable
Chancing what's seems to be one chance
Give to be, although, taking can be the cause of effect
It's all for respect as to it's all for a check
All victory go to God but does the devil deserve an abject
Kids that disrespect from parents that don't "Say it wit ya chest!"
Living to die, shoot for your goal, but don't glutton over success
Induct to fake smiles no cares its been that way for awhile...
Aug 2018 · 117
Renard Jackson Aug 2018
Long years dispute not engage with mortality
.. constant hard to please days and unforgettable nights
Time passes with the past of our condolences
Making more apologies than she notices
Pain has all the control, while anger feeds off that
Asking where are you going?! Though the responds is "I'm never coming back"
Elusively saying things I don't mean believing the obvious respectfully outseen.
"It's either that or me".  #life  
Remember the good things because the bad or does it all in the end.
Jun 2018 · 192
Renard Jackson Jun 2018
For you I try..
Giving it takes me to a place where I am conclusive.
Taking more than what I giving because understanding I lack there of cause of the events due to the situation as ones trigger.
I tread lightly struck by guilt to react with bitterness.
Though every word is like defense to
the case presented on behalf of the man being accused.
Although right I'm wrong to justify is a confession itself.
Merely to be "One" you must hang yourself to show act of conversed with anything in history.
Questions aren't necessitate
Screened diurnal insist abusive language or insult.
Taunts of dismissal digs indentations
Ditest of the man being you shoot to ****.
Wide-eyed to interesting creatures I'm lured by lust.
Only to implicate myself in to being downsized and crushed.
Talking to be heard decisive of my words choose only to be seen to make my own decision.
It takes just one second to realize what you have before its gone or realize you have nothing at all
Jun 2018 · 557
The ways...
Renard Jackson Jun 2018
Immediately impact in one's direction
Infection spreading airborne it's a feeling
Bias of understanding in saying
Actions speak louder than words
With life there are challenges and achievements
Dispute none of the two what's done is due
Either it's old or new
No need for fued, miss cultivated
Change comes to those that wait
Introduced by patience
CREATED obligate people revise
Things are consistently explain for the moment momentarily
Immediately impact in one's direction.
#life #choices #tortured
Jun 2018 · 156
Renard Jackson Jun 2018
Based my life from the corner
In amidst to going forward
Threw blankets on flat floors
Hung lights on back doors
With a limited amount of space
Choices made with consensual looks behide your back
Gratitude attract bad vibes without enough love to go around
Trust is a word for those who knows what it means
Back against a wall in disputable values
Confused and off track of how to deal with problems
Asking what's real self control keeping inside myself from closing within
On the edge literally can't get a grip, it's a trip
No one around wants to save you or have the intentions
Brace between two walls taking initiative cause I might be here awhile....
Is it fact "you made the bed you lay init"
Or change had a part. ..
Jun 2018 · 191
Renard Jackson Jun 2018
I'm here and your there
378 miles away separate our intimacy
Despite the fact communications are screened off Androids
We are like aliens unknown of a surroundings area
Pleasures arise with thoughts of memories
Distraught submerge along as space is in between
Passive words builds strength needed for carrying on alone
Wilting trust leaves not much of anything to hold on to
She says "we will see each other again"
Discrimination can halter a whole country from unionism
Especially if the family is use to racism
A typical analogy oil (black)and water (white) dont mix
But like hydrophilic and hydroponic we stick
Love energetically keeps it all together
in a manner showing: The day we are together again, involving great activity
Holding you close embracing your body with mine will substain vitality.
A distance between love is just a reminder of a pond. You can just look at it , fish around, or dive in
Jun 2018 · 287
Renard Jackson Jun 2018
Woke up in a bliss
I ain't happy about ****
No woman to even kiss on
Let alone call on the phone
Too blister in coming home
Out putting such off in my lungs
No filtler can't hold my tongue
Just started and say she done
Too gone to make her
Absent from absentia mysteriously mistaken as if it's too good to be true
Asking for more than I can chew
Light bill past due
Thoughts of who I could *****
Nostalgic way to take a chance
Just another to day to be a man
Ridiculed for haven't advanced
Keen* proliferate* Unguarded description* masks
May 2018 · 123
Inflicted Soul
Renard Jackson May 2018
She is a daughter to a father and a mother but to you She is no one though she wants to be loved.
Breed from fields and meadow parks with dirt roads over the outskirts of th her foundation.
Cute, petite little-thing with the biggest hearts to overcome dreams, being submerged in negativity from false families to no family.
Disguise by laughs and group intramurals she was told she was a liability.
As she was lied to
She was lied down and stripped of her abilities shamed to laugh this was humility.
Searching for the "whys" she endured in a man who treats her like what she is used to.
Good girl bad situation happy days sad nights.
Opportunity to be giving what she deserves and she neglects what is truly hers.
We try to find these things out but in reality we are just pawns in the next move unsure you have to make better choices and feel with different emotions.
Half of a smile only last for awhile.
We are able to be anything other than what people tell you. We are all family.
Oct 2017 · 277
Jogged obliterations
Renard Jackson Oct 2017
Good is a growing word.
It's a destructing thing to those who wish the worst.
Unable to indulge in anything other than good.
Facing forward so that is the way I go.
Can't change anything but myself, my path, my choices, My wrongs.
Kinda rusty in a field I haven't dab at in awhile.
Dressing everyday like a salad smiling with every bite I take.
Constructive criticism with every good intent.
Dreams shattered with tropical stroms winds that picks you up, but takes you nowhere.
Takes every breathe in me not to take it one step further.
Feels like I'm going I'm going circle.
Aug 2017 · 137
Renard Jackson Aug 2017
Itchiness burning pain swelling or bleeding in this morning so we wool and that is why this to be with you and that is why I  went home and to give it to my brother Tay to......
Life will hand you situations where you can run away #growup #life
Jul 2017 · 321
Renard Jackson Jul 2017
Here with a means to life
Which means live to certain standards have principles through goals that means obey the law
While they don't?
Honor thy mother and thy father
Where are they?
In holy matrimony failed to realized you really in this by yourself
Exhausted working hard to play hard
Writing words trying to to reach out
Cause words spoken differently not to be mean
But with no understanding of a life thats in shambles
You can't understand what I mean
Head high mean mugs and shoulder shrugs makes me smile
Cant stand nice and commodity
Whatever that means...
Here with a means to life
Which means live to certain standards have principles
Jul 2017 · 288
Shade Tree
Renard Jackson Jul 2017
Tied face forward here rooted like this tree,
Expectant of an image held more to some degree,
Though most agree I just see my life at a stand still
Providing ambitious thoughts and giving prosperous to the navie
Cold wither in the dark places overlooked for the fear and lack of
Judge by an monarchy of Donald Trumps criticized and commemorated
A blame for what they give to us as a dependable waste
So those who deceieve for more  in a impeccable situations are a disgrace
Improvisation of our race im sure to win
Keeping cool in this shady place patiently waiting intuned with faith
Asks for no More than what's owed to me
Receiving knowledge and experience accepting doverity
Safe shelter and to offer life changing services promoting stability, dignity and self-reliance.
To give is better than receiving
Jun 2017 · 144
Renard Jackson Jun 2017
Heart pumping thousand miles a minutes
As i sit still attached to an non profit element
Intact and informed filter breeze keeping me steady
Adversity preform although not clear what from
Adequately prepared tired of cold stare of beware
A lit fuse, small thing with a big bang
Pose to be enticed strike first with respect to likes
Hot in cold situations means are on Go paper chasing
In a crowd with hand out though its better to give than receiving
Simultaneous thoughts merge now your stuck trying to make sense of it all...
Heart pumping thousand miles a minutes
Spacer epic lifestyle Poverty does things to you
Jun 2017 · 163
Worthy works
Renard Jackson Jun 2017
Everyday is wondrous day to embrace with yawns in the morning and be thankful for.
Children playing the streets with ****** roads ways and coner stores surrounded with negative images in there presents. Lies are corrupting goals with determination of destructive means.Pride is getting in the way of value confusing our future of what our real goals Is in this adventure. Keeping faith is troublesome when yours close ones are sickly or dying of mishaps. Although they want you to smile and show no empathy, no need for pity entice but ride comments by profile who fail to understand. And your actions speaks for there self only if its in the rights of reasonable talking doesn't help everybody knows everything already. You are your own destination grasp the truth and show how to get through the cracks in the roads as you continue on with your forthcoming. Despite being in a situate where the light doesn't shine in tight spots just stay patience cause it is more good things about the light than the Dark.
Its your life its what you makes it.
Jun 2017 · 306
Submissive will
Renard Jackson Jun 2017
Believing, tossed in this bail weather you win or you fail not often do we care too short to even tell, as hard as it is to inhale. I'm surprised my heart doesn't fail intentions of oneself
Among the casted- I'm not alone
Ripping and running -I'm strong
Capable to sustain the worst although I've been wrong built in times of navies with no casted stones
equally purposeful, doing the most important thing that matters is life. I stand to keep giving while Pieces of Me are being taken away.
Jun 2017 · 221
Renard Jackson Jun 2017
As if a witch  appeared in front of me in a puff of smoke, I was transfixed — Me standing there  mouth open, unable to look away, as if held by some magic power. Not use to this I strategize a exit. Lies, pessimistic conlicts, mused with disturbed behavior. Łike being infected there are side effects a breathe of fresh air is relief to asthma, a cup of tea is for nausea. You are my medicine when your close to me- my better half, monogamist, consort. In undisguised astonishment; a day is better, with a dose of you intuned with more focus on the now. Don't want to move stuck on you.
Can't remember "how" or "when" but you remember "what" cherish 5 moments embrace your fate.
Jun 2017 · 153
Đeep Đeserving
Renard Jackson Jun 2017
The future belongs to the strong ones who believe in their dreams. Do I? I have a goals I haven't accomplished? Well, I'm alone in my own aspiration. Dreams, Becomings, our future. Some people want to become nurses to treat illness and others desire to be a teacher to inspire. Even I, for instance, wanted to be rich and powerful. But whenever someone asks me, "There is nothing wrong with wanting" I answer. I dwell over a lot of things since I was a jitterbug, I had so many "wants"and "needs" for life but I couldn't imagine that one day, I would have to answer this question.
Ok could you let me know when you're done with the writers of your laughter. Capable and deserving.
Jun 2017 · 154
Renard Jackson Jun 2017
A a new day a new opportunity sun rises bright warm like your smile refreshing to my soul, the wind is cool and beezy filled with reminders of your laughter&your voice whispering sweet, sincere, encouraging words. Three moon is full in bright over the ocean breathtaking as I lay awake thinking of you....
Due to a spare pieces in your life might be the most important parts.
With completeness, connection,  & heart ache and pain.
Jul 2016 · 275
Renard Jackson Jul 2016
Not existing before
MADE into a person of sensibilities , Introduced as a man of honor with respect, and was discovered recently now for the first time.
I feel encroached when conversations are developed
Is this something I've longed for or a past progression
Despite it all it feel good, refreshed, inspiring
Like a fresh breathe in the morning with coffee brewing in a log cabin
In the world of things that don't last long
Taking heed to these blessings
Learn, Live, and Love
Jun 2016 · 302
In the mix
Renard Jackson Jun 2016
Started from good to bad
from nice to eh
How things can be so liberal to takeoff heads because of a couple of words said
My senses tell me to have more common sense and dollars are not the only things that make cents
Enticed by your demeanor
Influenced by the way you move
Encourage through your words
I'm lost in you and it's a struggle to find myself again
Though it's bonds and sleepwalking nights over here, on the other side the grass is greener
One day I'll get over my pride
Faulting the situation trying to find every excuse
Questioning myself now
Losing grip of reality hoping for my Coretta
Misconceptions of my image as I am just a fish in a big pond fighting to get off this hook
With insides as cold as ice my flesh is humid as Florida summers
I push on or digging this hole deeper contemplating taking my head off with this same shovel
Consuming too much everything coming from a different angle
Disturbed but interested in awe of suspension
Reaching out to receive nothing but to lend a hand
But all you get is criticism and taunts, fake smiles and grunts
And here you stand still. ......
Emotions run deep life is to exhilarating to get caught on one thing just don't get caught up
Jun 2016 · 261
Renard Jackson Jun 2016
The things you want in life are not always what you deserve or maybe what is instilled for you
Talking it into existence may shadow your most likely situations and halter you from what you really need
Thats why we expect the worst and hope for the best just take yourself worthiness in consideration
Doubts are the biggest downfall though we all struggle it is the way we consume this is the highlight of it all
Patience. ...God was good at that and to embrace this is the craziest thing I've I had to deal with
Knowing and believing is the same as wanting and lusting
I give more than I receive and I don't asks for much it is a sort of worrying that comes from wanting something in return
Guilt works at you like molasses covering a bug caught on a tree
At times in certain situation I don't know I'm really like perplexed tainted by unanswered questions in the mist of trying to figure it out yourselfwith no help from no one you pace with no direction a very distraught feeling.
I can't help but wonder, am I spouse to hurt or feel left out , I asks what did I do? #confused #helpless #unhappy
Jun 2016 · 281
Renard Jackson Jun 2016
Scrutinized days I carry a burden that is latch to me like a navie baby looking forward though what'she on my back is noticeable a sign of achieving is nours
Jun 2016 · 356
Crusted pie
Renard Jackson Jun 2016
Uncensored thoughts passed in unusual places
Giving opportunist a change to make the devil work complete
Not in tune with the whole scratch ones back to have yours scratched back
Living in today you have to accept the dislikes of others and treat them as a naive child
Though life throws you lemons after lemons but with insufficient funds your not able to make anything out of it
I'm not good at physic being in physical form every thing so complicated now
Asking for help nowadays is like expecting snow in florida
Girls are damaged so relationships don't last Men are incapable so your goals will crash
All we have left to blame it on is the government and it's like blowing hot air useless
Trying too hard will get you in insuring and if you don't try you will get nothing
It's either make it or take it (chances, that is)
And luck is but a mere share of faith which many don't possess so
Questions stills need answered sweet on the inside rough outside the edges.
Noticeably changes but no effort to keep it that way
Jun 2016 · 262
Renard Jackson Jun 2016
Take your time.
Become intoxicated by patience;
as if you are waiting for nothing
but living for everything.
Let every moment saturate
your being,
seeking not to ring yourself
dry again
but to accept more
#knowledge #saucy  #livelife
Jun 2016 · 325
Renard Jackson Jun 2016
Lost in the sweet feelings of gratefulness
of making love and the zeal to please
she who knows how to sway mercy from disdain
she who aggravates or sweetens my chains
mesmerizing me during sad or tranquil hours
increasing my affections with her indifference
she who holds the authority and the power
to keep account of my joys, my love, and my pain
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