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Nov 2021
Sank is to float as rise is to fall
Gift is to prize as celebrate is to ball
Life is a must as to crime is to criminals
Endure is to touch as to questions are subliminals
To be full it's enough as a dream is an epiphany
So trust to be fooled as we surrender to save
Are we moving forward to get back kiss *** to be in front
That's *** backwardsΒ‘
Tolerate ignorance to be smarter ones
Acceptance of the small comings and you are being the bigger man
Fly before you stand, be all you can be with no upper hand
Raise is to uplift overseeing is not to understand
Sharing is caring and it's better to give than receive
To have is to own although possession is 9/10 of the law these days
To grasp is just a moment but you have to hold on.. be what they'll say
Renard Jackson
Written by
Renard Jackson  Daytona Beach,fl
(Daytona Beach,fl)   
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