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1.3k · Nov 2015
Renard Jackson Nov 2015
I made you crazy?
You drove me crazy
and yet I dont know how I made her crazy
It wasnt fair for her to be crazy
Im not sorry for making you crazy
I wish you could take my place and  not be crazy
tell me a way show me a way and make me crazy
Your heart hurts cause you made my friends crazy
Change? I dont want you to be crazy
Someone help me, help her, she's crazy
take away his pain that made her crazy
I dont like how I made you crazy
But I didnt do it on purpose, I didnt even know I was making her crazy
I wish I could take it all back and she leave me crazy
I'm crazy
1.2k · Sep 2018
Renard Jackson Sep 2018
One of those days you notice most things through yesterday's eyes
In a moment you feel distraught in someone's decision said it applies to you
Feeling blah
a place of intense competition or ruthless struggle for survival,
a gathering place for the unemployed.
They sweat for the sun and hurt for dirt, cry for work and smile to struggle.
Money accumulate and it resolve in one big circle.
Your concerns and criticism is tossed like eaten herbivores, not your biggest fear
Individual self made issues stir as you consummate with one's in the same environment.
A battle of nice and not-nice to talk, smile, converse in a suite of respect.
But allowances is as far as you allow not wanting to be consumed.
It's like a jungle out here!
Doubt to be doubted. Love and win. Assume with belief. Protect your heart. #new
938 · Apr 2016
Renard Jackson Apr 2016
Electric eyes domestic thighs I just got a feeling you are where I want to go
Narcissistic pride to high to die don't need no reason for me to put on a show
Can't let it slide nowhere to hide botch dont **** my vibe all I see is green my swag is set on go
Courrupt with lies full of it attracting flies I wondered why I made an effort to even try
Wish I would of just said no
Lust is off the chart off guard from the start unintentional you pulled out my heart
It's easy to say anything but I needed you to grow
Up side-by-side official do or die a patriot being victimized
Not likely but Floridana is a place we both should know
Support as strong as Styrofoam at agonizing won't leave me alone
Negative to wrong negativity right lose confidence discovering happiness inside a broken home
Ignorance in ignore to what make you miserable
Designed to change your mind confidant and comfortable in twined.
817 · May 2016
Renard Jackson May 2016
Having this intense feeling of longing for you, typically you are that one I refuse to lose or be separated from.
To be staring in your eyes til we drift off in each others arms
I want to be wrapped in your arms when the sun rises and shines on us and awaken us from our dreams
For our days to be filed with imtimacy and joyous memories of intense conversation
To say I love you and share that passionate connection through a gaze with just a fatal touch
Embrace our time together with jokes and laughter while you relax and I enhance your body through massages
Sharing our feeling in talks about our future as we watch our favorite shows on television criticizing the faults of others mistake
I yearn for you as you set off to work and the hours pass with thoughts of you by my side again.
#love #new #emotional #circumstances
738 · Feb 2016
Renard Jackson Feb 2016
You are like Water on Earth moving continuously through the water cycle of evaporation and transpiration (evapotranspiration), condensation, precipitation, and then run off, usually reaching the sea to my heart. Evaporation from one and transpiration to another contribute to the precipitation over land(my life). Like Water you are used in the production of a good or service is known as the virtual you.

Safely drinking you is essential to me and other lifeforms even though it provides no calories or organic nutrients. Access to safe drinking you has improved over the last years in almost every part of my world, even though approximately one billion people still lack access to you and over 2.5 billion have access to adequate sanitation.
#visualization #perspective #thoughts
682 · Mar 2016
Renard Jackson Mar 2016
Gone for years to a different states ago the way across the world
Things are not the same at this different place
Your actions are at a caution because of your new surroundings
If you stay what are you going to do no experience in anything work ethnic
Raised in the streets selling for and dope and other narcotics
Look up to those in the same establishment commence to the only thing he knows
It's more comfortable to him and the questions stop
And the money starts coming in the women giving there attention
He wanted something more, something else, something different

Basically **** gets old
You get tired of taking chances
Your tired of giving chances
Then it all boils down to you just have to let people go.
To regards with bind adoration.
Life is how you make it choose correctly or deal with your situation with no complaints it's always a choice
557 · Jun 2018
The ways...
Renard Jackson Jun 2018
Immediately impact in one's direction
Infection spreading airborne it's a feeling
Bias of understanding in saying
Actions speak louder than words
With life there are challenges and achievements
Dispute none of the two what's done is due
Either it's old or new
No need for fued, miss cultivated
Change comes to those that wait
Introduced by patience
CREATED obligate people revise
Things are consistently explain for the moment momentarily
Immediately impact in one's direction.
#life #choices #tortured
508 · Jan 2016
Ghetto Intuition
Renard Jackson Jan 2016
I'm from the bottom where more than water lie, sick girls looking for victims another person to mortify, where it's a more or less chance you will be in jail from somebody who testified, than high-speed chase in broad day and you crashing out.
It's all about what you do no one cares what your talking about,nothing is for free or given to you, so get a hustle or be without
Whatever take a chance be a Man so what if you have doubts
It's better to know than want sympathy looking for handouts
Cause you only get out of life what you put in it
And a little can only go so far
Criticize by the best of the best F@#k them know who you are.
Thoughts from thinking of thoughts
463 · Nov 2015
Renard Jackson Nov 2015
live life with enthusiasm destined hardiness due to the harshness
Lacking the right guidance with so many choices we all interpretive heartfelt condolences to the families who have been a incurious
"Should be" as in past tense goes without saying some individuals are not capable to accelerate but we all have those interject with situations enough is enough just make it deploy indiscretion instead of misperception
Questions will not always have a answer to your concerns faith is the only thing we can believe in
You settle for the well-written incentive purpose
This is only the blueprint to or construction build to your desire
Cherish,be grateful, prefer a Just way disaffection those unavoidable dreams.
454 · Mar 2016
I should of let you go
Renard Jackson Mar 2016
Meet you on false pretenses though it was convenient I was to much appreciative of the the brutal taps through out the night as we slept as friends in the same area
You was a woman with promiscuous intentions but was dealing with self esteem issues as if that had anything to do with it I offered myself to your life as a gentlemen, as you announced I was your first relationship and I took that in consideration and treated you as gentle as welded flowered should be tended to.
We shared moments and made memories conversations was of future reference of the possessible of stablemates in hence there was bad times mistakes were made and I push you to things I believe was in the back of your mind in the beginning
You gave Me faith when doubt was an option, taunted by racism in your family but was tested and failed miserably by the flesh trust is a broken bridge that will not be cross because it's not stable.
So together was shared with phone calls and day visits only when work allowed and company was no more secret was in midst of it all  "We" were tainted "us" was not involving me anymore exploring was a concern of mine friends really want friends trying there luck with you as you express your singleness.
Apologizes was said forgiveness was given but the memories couldn't not be forgotten
And words cutting deeper than a knife reaping what I sow moving on looks like necessity.
Blames became the accuser avoidance allowed satisfaction stability became a problem though the feeling was not mutual in cahoots with a certain lifestyle looking forward why turn around convenient for *** nothing less nothing more til the feeling demobilized and there was no more.
Dwelling, emphasizing, considering, clarity became the only solution mentality changes  self-respect  development to another person  Time and patience leads to forgive and forgetting
Tears are shed the lives are lead with  misconception and deception to be repression among others I love myself and respect my choice to be is to live to hurt, to be hurt and not be held by chains and etc observance.
Reminiscing, rejoice, embrace,  just do it and be happy years are too be joyful hurting is painful so love.
445 · Nov 2015
"Damage Goods"
Renard Jackson Nov 2015
PEOPLE are the craziest and most hypothetical people around they want equality but won't demonstrate it saying **** Paris cause of Kenya but why not just pray for both!!!! PEOPLE **** me with they're sense of self entitlement when you or your mama wasn't no slave the world fucced up if no generation forgives the previous or the next we'll always be divided as a country and it be the ones who ain't and won't do **** to change it always posting the bs! PEOPLE be doing **** to help destroy the black race but then turn Around and wanna post this America don't Care about PEOPLE **** on my timeline so if you ******* ,sale drugs,rap about negative **** or anything that makes our race more ****** up.
some people just talk to be heard and not to be acknowledge, it's a difference
400 · Feb 2016
Renard Jackson Feb 2016
What's the point? Why do I need to know half of this?
When I fell for some scamp ****** shenanigans
Ghetto raised not a life that heaven sent
High school graduate street life is all that'll make sense
If you want to be there it's your typical event
I can't be happy poor so I will get mad rich.
#rant #saucy #informed
391 · Oct 2015
Wondrous thoughts
Renard Jackson Oct 2015
Is there a land
by a distant sea
where we shall be united?Is there a sky,
blue and bright
with wispy clouds
under whose shade
we shall make love
in the open,without fear or regret
Is there a beach
grains of whose sand
shall caress our naked bodies kiss your navel
and cling to my chest Will there be such a rain that in the worship of your full ******* drops shall trickle down
and hang forever at the pointed tips like elixir
that you, mother goddess, shall someday ooze for your many children will there be a day we shall dance in shameless celebration and by night watch the stars twinkle to the  
of our thankful hearts.
Not that she wasn't the one, but I love her and she just was being herself.
388 · Nov 2015
...Inside myself....
Renard Jackson Nov 2015
Emotions are my lesson on what can hurt my pride
This is something of digression through how I live my life
Tainted like a disease I exclude myself from the obscene
With the means to indulge I rather not intervene
Cause there is anger entwined and my actions may be attracting
And progression is effective and might be a distraction
So a act of silence is common to one's things
But belligerence  accommodates inevitable change
Thus, what was lost shall be another aberration
For which it stands for your toleration
Under fraud and nothing at all.
When you are feeling a certain type e of way things may not always go your way but that doesn't mean change.
359 · Nov 2015
Renard Jackson Nov 2015
Bills piling shots firing I'm trying to find a way
Introverse with her whining carrying on now confounding
Uncomfortably I lay arrest the facts on should I stay
Consideration out the door confide my thoughts ample the roar
Patience, interests, attachments, evanesced
Love, desire, allegiance, suppressant
Quiescent our days spent questions asks nowhere to vent
While time progress the strongest may stick thus, what is done we forget is effects of Decay theorist
Faults will be blamed and blames will be fault
Obsessed with an solution that disinterested us with doubt
Moue and pout scrutinizing about ubiquitously we well figure this out
Grind, fail, comes with travail enough of both will prevail
for the time being mistakes are edit abate, the ****, cusp, the tail,
Gathering thoughts as as a realization of what is of a situation can come to some understanding.
356 · Jun 2016
Crusted pie
Renard Jackson Jun 2016
Uncensored thoughts passed in unusual places
Giving opportunist a change to make the devil work complete
Not in tune with the whole scratch ones back to have yours scratched back
Living in today you have to accept the dislikes of others and treat them as a naive child
Though life throws you lemons after lemons but with insufficient funds your not able to make anything out of it
I'm not good at physic being in physical form every thing so complicated now
Asking for help nowadays is like expecting snow in florida
Girls are damaged so relationships don't last Men are incapable so your goals will crash
All we have left to blame it on is the government and it's like blowing hot air useless
Trying too hard will get you in insuring and if you don't try you will get nothing
It's either make it or take it (chances, that is)
And luck is but a mere share of faith which many don't possess so
Questions stills need answered sweet on the inside rough outside the edges.
Noticeably changes but no effort to keep it that way
345 · Nov 2015
Renard Jackson Nov 2015
I work hard, hardly work, hard's the work, they be smoking that **** until they heart burst, in the hard murks, the devil is lurking his heart hurts, looking too hard though hollows will rip your hard shirt, and they out, Erk! Back to the beach with no certs, where they don't perk, surf, and treat girl for what they are worth, the world has allot of Kurts but Casanovas just overworked, Three-time felonies and them Athens that go to church, plus police make it worst "protect and serve" it's more like "protect and survive" cause they shooting first and it seems "blacks" are the ones that decriminalize. (Through our eyes)
It's Hard.
What can I stay life comes with all kinds of obstacles which can be rearranged with just words or few votes of the people who make rules. Encourage.
343 · Feb 2016
The day of Valentine
Renard Jackson Feb 2016
This day is recognized and celebration in many regions around the world, although it is not a public holiday in any country.

Poems I withhold are the various Valentines that were connected to February 14,  which indicated us imprisoned for performing weddings for soldiers to be forbidden to marry and for ministering to Christians, who were persecuted under the Roman Empire. Life is According as our imprisonment, Valentine heals the daughter of his jailer,  and before my execution, I write to you this letter signed "Your Valentine" as a farewell.
#facts #love #emotional #thoughts
332 · Jan 2016
Burning heart
Renard Jackson Jan 2016
Numbness and tingling with abnormal sensations has occur everywhere in my body, but are often felt in my chest and abdominal a thought causes painful, involuntary contraction of my muscles, fatigue and strain. Rankling discontent, 
especially from envy or jealousy; grudge.
Emotions are flaring judgement is clouding my thoughts
Entwined like  knots bind to myself with some other object obstructed of the air from the environment into the lungs. 
I just miss you.
That one you can't bear the thought of her leaving or its too late and you never knew what you had until she is gone.
325 · Jun 2016
Renard Jackson Jun 2016
Lost in the sweet feelings of gratefulness
of making love and the zeal to please
she who knows how to sway mercy from disdain
she who aggravates or sweetens my chains
mesmerizing me during sad or tranquil hours
increasing my affections with her indifference
she who holds the authority and the power
to keep account of my joys, my love, and my pain
323 · Oct 2015
Through her eyes
Renard Jackson Oct 2015
You're the sun behind the cloud, the page behind the book covers. Every part of you is sensational in every way shape and form. I trust in you like soap trusts water. If I was to jump a bridge I know you would be my wings to fly me to safety. If the world was a straight line, we would follow its every move. If the sea were a blanket we would sleep under it. If the clouds were birds we would fly into the sky. At night we would paint our name in the stars, then travel the moon and look down on earth.
321 · May 2016
Renard Jackson May 2016
I want to give you my mind body and soul I want to wrap up with your love and see how it unfolds
assure to be your yes of you knows, show you with the intention to guide
give you benevolent while I'm by your side
I don't want you to be wrong if I'm Mr. Right being your savory of the day like a knight
Trust in me to Carrie you to hold onto you  like you was going to come loose
Fulfilling your desire with foods of loyal and honesty  having that acceptance to allow as an introvert
Knowing I have to do more when I say it and you less when I do it
Appreciation of my love freshen your mind like a cert
Accept pulling you closer with the gesture of a ****
Immediately our hearts inverse and forever was we conjured
Like Jesus came to Mary I will be your prohet and speak our destination to reality
Acknowledging that God will not give us more than we can bear
Where you are I want to be with you I'll come anywhere Carrie me there.
To the love of my life Carrie #love #new #pure #sincerity
321 · Jul 2017
Renard Jackson Jul 2017
Here with a means to life
Which means live to certain standards have principles through goals that means obey the law
While they don't?
Honor thy mother and thy father
Where are they?
In holy matrimony failed to realized you really in this by yourself
Exhausted working hard to play hard
Writing words trying to to reach out
Cause words spoken differently not to be mean
But with no understanding of a life thats in shambles
You can't understand what I mean
Head high mean mugs and shoulder shrugs makes me smile
Cant stand nice and commodity
Whatever that means...
Here with a means to life
Which means live to certain standards have principles
321 · Nov 2021
Drink Up
Renard Jackson Nov 2021
Woke up in a bliss
I ain't happy about ****
No woman to even kiss on
Let alone call on the phone
Too blister in coming home
Out putting such off in my lungs
No filtler can't hold my tongue
Just started and say she done
Too gone to make her come
Absent from absentia mysteriously mistaken as if it's too good to be true
Asking for more than I can chew
Light bill past due
Thoughts of who I could *****
Nostalgic way to take a chance
Just another to day to be a man
Ridiculed for haven't advanced
How I suppose to know how you feel
Living my life based off someone else perspective
Laughing cause it's funny, all the way to bank
Drown in your own sorrows..shht have another drink?!
To care... Or not to care
That is the ⁉️
313 · Jan 2016
Optimism Vision
Renard Jackson Jan 2016
Adequate decision with dislodged thoughts
Cast in a subculture environment used to the urban area scuttled in the struggle
Wanting more commentary and needing more disclosure
Patronize with the wrong intentions to whom I care nothing for
Descriptions of deceptions inscribed by inner perceptions
Conclusion cause dissolution from exclusion through misusing parental advisories
Reserve  thoughts on the trophy with no solution is a contradiction
Impetuous actions causing lost interpretation on how you look at your surroundings
Adversary asking for a a fighting change.
Thoughts of a deprived life of righteousness and the choices we have and overlook our take advantage of. Be thankful
307 · Dec 2015
Discovery of Wail
Renard Jackson Dec 2015
As elegant and beautiful with the days progression shown through vivid imagination
Though harsh tines approach as to the wind blows she is as thorough for her petals remain full nothing less
Egotistical personal gives hope to ones seeking matriarch
But with inspiration vivacious and true words spoken there is no need to fabricate
Criticism is ubiquitous no matter how you embellish life
She is germane to me, so euphoric
To ignore theses feelings of cherish and adore is to be incomplete, like a house with no doors or Windows
As docile as emotions are there is no courageous act than to grow in the cast of a shadow and believing this is in your best interest
With her thrones pricked the most sensitive spot I still approach with indirection on my way
Thoughts pass as I want to asks and the moment fades so the questions remain
How is there fear in my feelings?
Stubbornness just isn't enough I need devotion and determination
Am I still a "person of interest"?
It was all good just a week ago.
Interpretation of something you had a mentality for and then it turns around and become all wrong
306 · Jun 2017
Submissive will
Renard Jackson Jun 2017
Believing, tossed in this bail weather you win or you fail not often do we care too short to even tell, as hard as it is to inhale. I'm surprised my heart doesn't fail intentions of oneself
Among the casted- I'm not alone
Ripping and running -I'm strong
Capable to sustain the worst although I've been wrong built in times of navies with no casted stones
equally purposeful, doing the most important thing that matters is life. I stand to keep giving while Pieces of Me are being taken away.
302 · Jun 2016
In the mix
Renard Jackson Jun 2016
Started from good to bad
from nice to eh
How things can be so liberal to takeoff heads because of a couple of words said
My senses tell me to have more common sense and dollars are not the only things that make cents
Enticed by your demeanor
Influenced by the way you move
Encourage through your words
I'm lost in you and it's a struggle to find myself again
Though it's bonds and sleepwalking nights over here, on the other side the grass is greener
One day I'll get over my pride
Faulting the situation trying to find every excuse
Questioning myself now
Losing grip of reality hoping for my Coretta
Misconceptions of my image as I am just a fish in a big pond fighting to get off this hook
With insides as cold as ice my flesh is humid as Florida summers
I push on or digging this hole deeper contemplating taking my head off with this same shovel
Consuming too much everything coming from a different angle
Disturbed but interested in awe of suspension
Reaching out to receive nothing but to lend a hand
But all you get is criticism and taunts, fake smiles and grunts
And here you stand still. ......
Emotions run deep life is to exhilarating to get caught on one thing just don't get caught up
300 · Nov 2015
Renard Jackson Nov 2015
As elegant and beautiful with the days days progress through vivid imagination
Though harsh times approach as the wind blows she is as thorough, for her petals remain full nothing less
Egotistical personal gives hope to one seeking matriarch
But with inspirational vivacious and true words spoken, there is no need to fabricate
Criticism is ubiquitous no matter how you embellish life
She is germane to me, so euphoric
To ignore these feelings of cherishing and adoration is to be incomplete, like a house with no windows and doors.
As docile as emotions are there is no courageous act, then to grow in the cast of shadows believing it to be in your best interest
With her thorns pricked in sensitive spots I still proceed with indirection
Thoughts pass as I want to asks and the moment fades so the question remains
How is there fear in my feelings?
Acknowledging that there is a chance of disappointment huh I know myself but do I know her.
You have feelings for someone,I guess be honest and let them know to be a fool is as to fooling yourself
Respect yourself and the rest will come
295 · Jan 2016
Faithful Endurance
Renard Jackson Jan 2016
Rocket ships blazes as my feelings grow no more
you share as much space in my head as the air progresses
do not taunt me with I miss yous and full my inbox up with how are yous spare me the theatrics
I can't sympathize anymore or try to pretend I care
I will not criticize my self into these conditions which have brought me nothing literally nothing
if you need me I won't be there
If you feel you can't live without me **** yourself for I am already dead inside
Two wrongs don't make it right and to be a victim is not what I would call a fight
But through the gruesome taboos in deceiving life I think I'll go with this green light
Discretion, recitation, rescission, all that you are the metaphor if loving you for one more night I have to strife
Laughter is a good candidate for the night before I would call a fight with you.
288 · Oct 2015
Renard Jackson Oct 2015
In spirit to make amends to those who are not friends
Cold stares lil gestures indicates how trouble begins
I carry myself in a Just way but too proud to just look away arrogance taking over I got something to say
I feel inconsiderate not that I that I should
To care at this moment would be misunderstood
My introduction is a greeting which most often is
But aggression and perplex comes next like William Shakespeare in "king lear"
Calm as to humble though on guard to a snake defining his life
If it rains it pours, but if you pour do it right
Cause things tend to spill out and causes a fight
And good mends you overlook to look over and see for your own insight
Two kids talking among each other about what happen last night.
Feeling wrong about something I thought I heard maybe or maybe not
288 · Jul 2017
Shade Tree
Renard Jackson Jul 2017
Tied face forward here rooted like this tree,
Expectant of an image held more to some degree,
Though most agree I just see my life at a stand still
Providing ambitious thoughts and giving prosperous to the navie
Cold wither in the dark places overlooked for the fear and lack of
Judge by an monarchy of Donald Trumps criticized and commemorated
A blame for what they give to us as a dependable waste
So those who deceieve for more  in a impeccable situations are a disgrace
Improvisation of our race im sure to win
Keeping cool in this shady place patiently waiting intuned with faith
Asks for no More than what's owed to me
Receiving knowledge and experience accepting doverity
Safe shelter and to offer life changing services promoting stability, dignity and self-reliance.
To give is better than receiving
287 · Jun 2018
Renard Jackson Jun 2018
Woke up in a bliss
I ain't happy about ****
No woman to even kiss on
Let alone call on the phone
Too blister in coming home
Out putting such off in my lungs
No filtler can't hold my tongue
Just started and say she done
Too gone to make her
Absent from absentia mysteriously mistaken as if it's too good to be true
Asking for more than I can chew
Light bill past due
Thoughts of who I could *****
Nostalgic way to take a chance
Just another to day to be a man
Ridiculed for haven't advanced
Keen* proliferate* Unguarded description* masks
287 · May 2016
Renard Jackson May 2016
Insecurities makes you act like a child
So gladly I stay away for awhile
Indirectly quotes with no meaning when I asks
Intentions are hard as brass but my words make you break like glass
Like words shed a little light you are shedding pounds just by the thought of it
Trying to understand your method is doing me no good life is hetic
I'm just thinking out loud as I scribble words
I'm just thinking is this where I want to be
#thinking #weird #confused #done
284 · Nov 2015
Renard Jackson Nov 2015
You live in and deprive me of happiness taking my good at what expense?
you pretend to rely on me to exploits others and give nothing in return.
Attached to me as if your purpose is meaningful
You are selfless so therefore be by your self, though you say you need me
Making every effort to detach myself, in the process losing my sense of righteousness,
I don't want to turn into what you are I'm created with a soul
Unlike some parasites transmitting a disease who depends on it's host to survive
But you are human who is wise with it on mind
Don't be obtain to a side
which means to get something that is not so easy to come by 
But I rather die on my feet than live on my knees asking please,
So just leave.
A relationship is not worth saving if one does not want to be there it takes two and you have to let then go out you will be ruining yourself.
281 · Jun 2016
Renard Jackson Jun 2016
Scrutinized days I carry a burden that is latch to me like a navie baby looking forward though what'she on my back is noticeable a sign of achieving is nours
278 · Dec 2021
Renard Jackson Dec 2021
I love, because it suppose to be shared  thoughtless actions with intentions of forgiving
I give, with the strength in me to  stay striving while I push and squeeze alone to get
I emphasize, connecting with one feelings or forthcoming as I have perceived in my journey of happiness
I miss, encountering the unknown of beliefs which I have no understanding and no control of..
To Take is to Consume as Adapting is to Amend?
I asks, to ensure my curiosity
Of which I'm unintelligent on the subject
277 · Oct 2017
Jogged obliterations
Renard Jackson Oct 2017
Good is a growing word.
It's a destructing thing to those who wish the worst.
Unable to indulge in anything other than good.
Facing forward so that is the way I go.
Can't change anything but myself, my path, my choices, My wrongs.
Kinda rusty in a field I haven't dab at in awhile.
Dressing everyday like a salad smiling with every bite I take.
Constructive criticism with every good intent.
Dreams shattered with tropical stroms winds that picks you up, but takes you nowhere.
Takes every breathe in me not to take it one step further.
Feels like I'm going I'm going circle.
275 · May 2016
Renard Jackson May 2016
To my heart you are fixed or fastened so as not to give way, become loose, or be lost.
Protected against attack  of any disloyal activity.
Feeling safe, stable, and free from fear or anxiety.
Feeling no doubts about attaining our certainty to achieve
Love makes it hard to open up to any one else you have the key therefore it's fasten and locked.
Like a suspect secured in the back of a patrol car
Forever detain in your solitude
The heart  is concerned to secure the feelings against too many foreign ownerships
Seeking to guarantee repayment of [of love] by having a right to take possession of an digression  in the event of non involvements.
Have no doubts of your other mate for she/he had no ideal how to be proven otherwise
275 · Jul 2016
Renard Jackson Jul 2016
Not existing before
MADE into a person of sensibilities , Introduced as a man of honor with respect, and was discovered recently now for the first time.
I feel encroached when conversations are developed
Is this something I've longed for or a past progression
Despite it all it feel good, refreshed, inspiring
Like a fresh breathe in the morning with coffee brewing in a log cabin
In the world of things that don't last long
Taking heed to these blessings
Learn, Live, and Love
274 · Dec 2015
It's her..
Renard Jackson Dec 2015
If someone asks me why am I in a good mood today I would say because I am blessed to see another day
To stop in mid conversation in wonder off into a daydream with no intentions to carry on a conversation with whom is not a person of interest though a friend
Should I be enjoying myself at this luminous party with those who are cheery and joyous around me sharing the same equities, as another bottle is being open with guitar hero with karaoke in the background in rotation, I am lost in thought
I try but there is not enough clubbing or  flashing light for a distraction another drink will only infuse the matter, to which I owe myself no apology, as the saying "you made your bed now you have to lay in it"
We have these feelings that are uncontrollable but at the same time you are in a situation to not want to confuse this person written lies of discouragement it's the feeling of sheer passion to indulge and she knows so she smiles with intentions to make you want to say Hello
As you stand beside her taunted by a laugh or a glance that leads to us being together and sharing moments of the future
If someone was to asks me why I am in a good mood I think I would tell them it's her.
To meet new people and become one and know why or what are some people capable of
274 · Feb 2016
Renard Jackson Feb 2016
You are something inscribed.
A historical,religious, a impale deep cut, impressed, scribble, or written on stone, brick, metal, or other type of hard suet.
A brief, usually informal dedication, as of a book or a break at work lunch.
Something of the past, a mere thought, notes to study, a broke person with cash, a wall of straw, a ?#&! Buddy!
266 · Mar 2016
Renard Jackson Mar 2016
In the process of wanting
Lead to only be distracted by this slim built feminist queen
Introduce with names and good cohesion
Common things you see though expectations are high guaranteed are sure
Don't intrigued by the current situation on things you misconceived
I know I am a man the virtue of a woman should not be overwhelming
Fantasy designer clothing covers up insecurities
Lacking the common sense we need to contribute to our own we are giving the wrong ideal even when it's plain to see
We complain, we protest, we lust, all in all we don't do anything to accomplish
Digging holes to be filled up with water to drown ourselves not being allowed to achieve something with means because the credentials aren't strong enough is denial
Fools do things expecting more than what you deserve, you get as much as you work for
265 · Dec 2018
Collateral damage
Renard Jackson Dec 2018
Full speed ahead
Like a crash dummy
Seeking relativity walking in stores to waste time and don't have any money
Lingering to make sense of holding on
Not knowing so you drink Ensure to stay strong
Convinced of what she say though it doesn't last that long
Disrespectful to her but you want that bih to throw ya dawg a bone
Getting old like the cabbage patch
Catching habits in this habitat
Today you riding the wave or you drown
We make a come up or getting drugged to the ground
Simplest things aren't easy anymore
That's why we go hard
Taking what we don't got and a little more.
Make your life
262 · Jun 2016
Renard Jackson Jun 2016
Take your time.
Become intoxicated by patience;
as if you are waiting for nothing
but living for everything.
Let every moment saturate
your being,
seeking not to ring yourself
dry again
but to accept more
#knowledge #saucy  #livelife
261 · Jun 2016
Renard Jackson Jun 2016
The things you want in life are not always what you deserve or maybe what is instilled for you
Talking it into existence may shadow your most likely situations and halter you from what you really need
Thats why we expect the worst and hope for the best just take yourself worthiness in consideration
Doubts are the biggest downfall though we all struggle it is the way we consume this is the highlight of it all
Patience. ...God was good at that and to embrace this is the craziest thing I've I had to deal with
Knowing and believing is the same as wanting and lusting
I give more than I receive and I don't asks for much it is a sort of worrying that comes from wanting something in return
Guilt works at you like molasses covering a bug caught on a tree
At times in certain situation I don't know I'm really like perplexed tainted by unanswered questions in the mist of trying to figure it out yourselfwith no help from no one you pace with no direction a very distraught feeling.
I can't help but wonder, am I spouse to hurt or feel left out , I asks what did I do? #confused #helpless #unhappy
261 · Apr 2016
Renard Jackson Apr 2016
I am a beautiful person who has been for a long time. I have a job. I have a choice. The only thing that I have to go to is the best way. I'm sure that you can also be able to manage the same as the best. Though don't settle for less.  I will not be the first one to have a good idea and share the news. My favorite part is that the company has been in the future of this message was delivered to your site and your friends and family members seen it coming.  Respect is due to a Dog live life love life.
Thought of it all #naive #respect live life
257 · Mar 2016
Renard Jackson Mar 2016
Night lingers with constant ravaging through the kitchen and impatiently flickering channels because of commercials
In spite of the fatigue feelings mixed with the funny noises coming from hunger pains
I am not In a bad mood cause I am broke, in distraught or because I can only afford rent due to my minimum wage job washing dishes stationed in a one room shack apartment
Stuck in the house need to get out more wanting issues without discussions fascinated by what I can't have enclosing my day with a infested bus ride back to my urban sectional neighborhood  what am accustomed to living a lifestyle fighting more than rats and roaches
Survival is the most important part of the breakfast next to acknowledgement that nothing can become something cherishing food and shelter because walking on the streets and pockets on empty force decision to do hand-to-hand work predicaments leaves you in a state of unravelling thinking of your next move or not thinking
Questioning the obvious Wishing though there is nothing wrong with wanting
A Christian, but broke, and a 5th of gin will make a Man sin
Becoming a product of my environment leaving it to be a statistic in this society as a black man in poverty
#realistic #thoughts #initiatives #citric
255 · Feb 2016
Renard Jackson Feb 2016
You said you'd never ever break... down
But here I am sweeping... pieces off of the ground
You said you'd never, ever play... to down
But I've heard you running game to them now
I've spent all night long scared of tomorrow, broke my alarm
Everything is almost lost, pick it up slow, before it's gone...
I'm fragile I never thought would of been so fragile.
Trying to build that self esteem in oneself
251 · Feb 2016
Renard Jackson Feb 2016
How can elaborate with the means to procrastinate
You portray it's good you say we are straight
A person of  qualities you demonstrate
Conniving, bitter, egotistical, fake
Perplexed as to this topic so late
Though it's sympathetic I relate
Half of it true I don't understand
Being a critic why not give Hollywood a chance
And deliberately I there is an invade
So words spread with intentions to engrave
Feelings are something you acknowledge
Some tend to ignore
Know things is not nothings
The conceited people are.
Giving can also be a waste of time value yourself and never be that victim
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