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I've been here for five days now.
Five days in this white walled, roomy apartment
With my other half.
Four nights we slept together.
When I go home, everything will change.
No more random kissing,
Or bass playing,
Or random I love you's,
Or even hearing his voice mumble
Some silly thing as we lay in bed.
We may sit in silence for a while,
While he works but it doesn't matter to me.
Just being near him is beyond good enough for me.
It feels like my heart will burst from
All of the love I have for him.
Tomorrow I go home.
It will be extraordinarily difficult
For me to leave him.
He will be in an another state
And an hour away.
Yet every single second with him,
I'm so grateful for.
Even when we do nothing, I'm grateful for it.
I'd rather do nothing with him
Than with someone else.
To be buried alive, what a fright!
I'd rather fly a kite.
Have the wind blow through my hair.
Then have my s'more taken by a bear.
Why am I so off track?
Seems to always happen to me and that's a fact.
Even when Venice is taken by the sea,
I will still love you.
Ancient buildings will crumble to dust,
I will love you.
Pyramids are reclaimed by the desert
And the Great Sphinx is faceless,
My love for you will live on.
When the tower of Pisa finally falls,
My love will still stand tall for you.
Modern music will become oldies,
Tomorrows events will be ancient history soon.
You and I will eventually be forgotten.
Yet my love for you will never be forgotten.
It will continue throughout time.
Cars will take off and fly,
Yet you ground me.
My love you cannot imagine how much you mean to me.
There aren't enough words in the world to describe how much
I adore you.
But I hope this poem gives you a small insight to how I feel.
No matter what,
I will love you now and for all the rest of time.
 Nov 2014 Raj Arumugam
Between today and tomorrow lives a lifetime
Between today and yesterday seems untrue
Yet, here, in this moment, lies perfection
A glance feels an eternity
Doubt is squelched by honest emotion
And reality breathes in time with our hearts
copyright©PrttyBrd 22/10/2010
 Nov 2014 Raj Arumugam
it is my unseen lover
it caresses my dreams
and weaves beauteous nightmares
my closest friend, it walks with me
our hands entwined in better days
and cradles me tight against its breast as I falter
though feared by so many,
it is comforting in its consistency,
in its dependability
always there, it never disappoints
close enough to feel its cold breath envelope me,
it feels like home as it moves like fog through the cracks in my soul
And my heart can almost feel whole in its bitter embrace
©PrttyBrd 14/08/11
 Nov 2014 Raj Arumugam
I look at these blue veins of mine

existing against a thin layer of fair skin that does little to protect

but if it’s all I have to keep my blood moving, pumping me back to life

every second I refuse to open my eyes

then I will have to deal with it

because we’re all like paintings held up high on walls to be admired

whether we decide to be like Monet or just ourselves.
 Nov 2014 Raj Arumugam
My skin is the sky
and I’m just drawing constellations
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