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Nov 2014
**** its so cold
But its colder
In the palm
Of my hand

I guess thats why
You stopped holding it
Or maybe its because
I told you to

And my hair hangs
Like curtains
Hiding the room
The family hides from guests

Filled to bursting
With so much ****
All of it stupid

Im the room
Standing on wobbly
With mold creeping in the basement

******* this white noise
Its so loud that i cant hear
My fathers disappointment
With my failing grades


I just want to be alone
But then im alone
And i want to be anywhere else
With someone new

And the sun is setting
Behind the silhouette
Of tall, dead trees
In the yard

Its all dead
Its wilting

And you can see it
Im everything they do
The people are the trees
Lack luster, thin, old

How are we dead
Before weve had
The chance to live
God ****** how
This was the poem i had intended to upload and i tried to copy and paste it from my google docs folder and my phone messed up and copied a different one.
Mikayla Eve Kinzer
Written by
Mikayla Eve Kinzer  20/F/In hazy ignorance
(20/F/In hazy ignorance)   
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