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Oct 2014
There is a very secret place
That exists between day and night
If you're patient then some day
You may see the land of Twilight.

The gates to enter are so slight
If you see them it may seem
A trick of the sunset's light
A fairy's passing dream

So pay heed to the change of time
For lilac hues of coming night
Truly love to pantomime
The secret land of Twilight

You'll know when you've timed it right
For the spangled fairy wings
Will lend a softly shimmering light
To a host of other things

Pregnant dew drops standing by
Patiently awaiting night
Stars twinkling a lullaby
Before they take their dazzling flight

The creatures of the dark that bite
Are sharpening their pointy teeth
On the last of sunset's shards of light
Surveying what's beneath

Should the Moon, empress of this land
See you taking in these sights
She will take you by the hand
And lead you gently into night

And you'll wonder all your life
Was it real or just a dream
For in the secret land of Twilight
Things aren't ever as they seem.
2nd attempt at a story poem. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.
Tina Marie
Written by
Tina Marie  40/Cisgender Female/Sweet Home Alabama
(40/Cisgender Female/Sweet Home Alabama)   
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