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Sep 2014
7 Deadly SIns

I thirst for you with deep desire,
for you have lit my heart with fire.
  oh angel do not mind me I am yet only here because I must,
    though the way you move makes my mind fill with Lust.

I see you do not wear a ring,
that makes me want to sing,
  oh angel bet you do not appreciate this insanity,
   hope that I will not pay for my Vanity.

I feel my hunger has got the best of me,
will you be so kind to allow me to feed,
  oh angel I hope my appetite does not make you leave suddenly
   for that was a small taste of my Gluttony

I hear that your heart is made of gold,
might I get close enough to see or is that to bold?
  oh angel pour me some meed,
   then I shall tell you a story of my Greed

I can get pretty angry when violence comes near,
just ask the man over their who looked at your rear,
  oh angel do not worry it is simple math,
   you will never feel my Wrath.

I see in your eyes you are getting tired,
might i suggest you come to my place to retire.
  oh angel never fear I will act like a man of the clothe
   for tonight my sin will be Sloth.

I know you might be yet a little worried,
that I will not be at all nice and will scurry.
  oh angel to night let it be put to rest this is not deadly,
    I will make sure all who see you turn green with Envy
Written by
MalisterMikey  Georgia
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