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MalisterMikey Sep 2014
I'm still going to marry you,
because I'm no fool,
you are mine forever,
that will not change not never.

You were hurt by someone,
I'll give you strength for our journey has just begun,
to hold you close is still my desire,
for you light my soul on fire.

No matter what happens I'll alway be here,
to wipe away your tears,
I'll never stop loving you no matter what,
for you my heart will never shut.

you're my world,
My ~Forever & Always~
MalisterMikey Sep 2014
What am I to say when the world crashes down upon me?
am I supposed to say be strong everything will be okay?
What am I to do when the world crashes down upon me?
am I supposed to fall to my knees and pray?
What am I to hear when the world crashes down upon me?
am I supposed to stay strong in this your darkest hour?
What am I supposed to believe when the world crashes down upon me?
am I supposed to pray to one who allowed this to happen?

When hate fills my heart for this world am I supposed to try and forgive?
When hate fills my heart for this world am I supposed to just let it go?
When hate fills my heart for this world am I supposed to try and forget?

When the world crashes down upon your head.
can you truly still believe there is good out there?
or will you see evil on the faces you once thought were good.
can you pray to a god who allow you so much misery?

what doesn't **** you makes you stronger.
that line is a lie what doesn't **** you eats at your soul.
i hear people complain about stupid ****.
when I have to deal with the world crashing down.
to love be strong and let go is what they say.
but I want justice I want the world to crash on his head.

I want everything that man loves to be engulfed in fire.
I want everyone that man loves to meet a tragic fate.
I want that man to drop the soap for what he did.
I want him to lose everything that makes him sain.

not just his freedom his very mind.
heart can't be said because monsters don't have those.
to bad execution is considered inhuman I'd pay money to watch you fry.

I spend every dime I had to watch you be tortured from a rusted knife.
I sell my soul to the devil just to hear you scream in agony over and over again in repeat.
I would love to take a knife to plunge in your heart.

Monster who hurt what is mine, may god have mercy on your soul
for if I find out who you are I sure won't.
MalisterMikey Sep 2014
I stand in front tears roll down my face,
they all had something to lose where I had not,
looking towards the graves with crosses on top,
my theory of a soldier doesn't cry is truly broken,
putting a flower on each of the 96 graves,
I look back at the 100 that remain and the 3 at my back.
She puts her hand on my shoulder for now she stands at my side.

She wipes away my tears and holds my arm close,
not afraid what the others would think she bravely smiles,
war is red and so is her hair,
though unlike many others she holds no regret coming along,
one question I have for her makes her smile,
My name is Joan Fira she will say.

Me and her stand on the hill though when she asks mine I simply say,
put your helmets on we march and walk away,
my mind is filled with shame how can I tell her I've no name,
the enemy stronghold stands in front of us,
inside is 450 men though farmers and untrained soldiers.

They rallied against our capital for setting two barbarian villages on fire,
I tell myself what we did is right though no matter how many times it never sinks in,
my prediction at first was right no amount of training can prepare one to take a life,
and right now I know this is not just another war.

We charge inside storming the walls my mace slams into the face of one,
my sword through anothers heart,
behind me I hear them pour down hot oil down upon some soldiers heads.

though not on hers for I jump in the way,
tears are in her eyes as I slip away.

Before my eyes close forever more I hear her say Red Is The Color Of War.
the final piece of the knights story.
MalisterMikey Sep 2014
Walking over the village of ash,
we look around over the blazing sun,
nothing at all remains except the charred bones of the enemy,
my feet step on a skull my steel boot crushing it into two,
I stop and so does my army as I heard it the signal for fire,
others from the neighboring village have come seeking revenge,
a rain of arrows pierce the sky.

Those of my men who were smart hide,
me I stood there with my arms held like a cross,
a shield  does not hide or flee,
though before even a single arrow hit the ground she had pulled me into a house,
I try to escape her clutch once I hear those arrows hit their mark,
no matter how hard I struggle she will not let me go.

Soon my men will do as normally told they would put their helmets on and reap souls,
when I leave the house with her I see my numbers have lost greatly,
now the number of soldiers left dwindled down to 100 including me,
my men look to me for what we do next,
I say get the catapults ready for each man we lost they shall lose 20.

I stand over the village venom in my mind,
my men fire on the farmlands and the village,
they messed with the capital now they shall feel its sting,
for now for every loss I counted the screams.

I'm their commander and their shield,
though what I forgot to realize is even a shield can break,
I only expected one loss for the journey.

Now I see in war to save all my men is impossible,
but when she puts her hand on my shoulder I know now I too have something to lose.

This is but our first loss.
4th poem of the Knights tale
MalisterMikey Sep 2014
Hidden by the cover of nightfall,
my family of the sword ready themselves,
behind me stand four,
a women with fire red hair,
and three men who share the same face.
to them they see me as the only one who can lead,
behind them is an army of 196.

We stand together valiant and strong coming across the village of sin,
barbarians, monsters, thieves, and overall just criminals to the crown live here.
loading the catapults we set them ablaze then light the night sky.
I know the village well for it is the place of my birth and under my order it is burnt to ash,
the screams of it's residence can be heard through the night,
take off your helmets I say.

I take mine off as well,
in respect to those we **** we all sing a hymn,
we rest on the hill that night to see if any survive,
my generals of 4 stand at my back,
she sits down next to me and under the cover of nightfall puts her hand on mine.

I look over to her and she smiles at me,
returning the favor I look into her emerald eyes and smile,
she two was familiar with this place,
the monsters that used to reside had made her their pet.

She would tell me a tale that makes me feel no regret,
their lives where lost at the cost of their sins,
and to me their justice was served.

now only two reside in the world from that place,
me and the women with fire red hairs son.

I hold her close and smile as I wipe away her tear and say, Let me be your shield
third part of a series
MalisterMikey Sep 2014
Today is another day in the crusade,
another scar adds to my many from the previous day,
the soldiers beg I don't take the lead,
though I will not listen to them,
I say my usual line put your helmets on,
I'm there general they will not see me die.
standing tall we march through the rain.

Meeting the so called enemies to the capital,
I stand tall not fighting for a cause,
my reason is because I was told to and that is all,
I charge into battle a sword in my left, a mace in my right,
no shield for me, because my body is my defense,
though there she runs next to me eager to return the favor from yesterday.

my mace meets the skull of one, my sword through another,
death is now just a sick game I play how many can I **** 1...2...3
for every 1 I count 20 men have fallen by my hand,
the enemy surrounds a small group of three,
not going to watch my men die I run into the crossfire.

I take each blow meant for them,
a show of will my men surely take to heart, for they **** the 15 that surround them,
me there commander and there sheild.
a strike to my back she catches with her sword she take the mans life her eyes shine with embers.

for today has ended without a single lose,
I see it as a true victory,
I am the general of 200 men and in the end only one lose I expect.

one of a man that has nothing to lose,
I share my  body to be there shield.

4 stand before me with thanks on their lips, and I have to remember Soldiers don't cry...
Second part to Just another war
MalisterMikey Sep 2014
Metal clashes against metal,
steel against steel,
no amount of training can prepare one to take a life,
men say farewell to their wives,
wives kiss their husbands lips for one last taste,
mothers hug their sons and daughters for it may be their last chance.
I watch from the side for I have none of these things,

a soldier from birth trained to ****,
though sometimes I can not help but feel,
that even with the training it will be hard to take a life.
when we head out I stand in front.
Never allowing another to stand where I'm at,
I'm the leader of this militia and the only one left with nothing to lose,

They ask me why am I so cold,
why do I thrive to be alone.
I tell them to put their helmets on,
for only one such as I,
can fight only to die.

A fellow soldier who kissed her son goodbye,
almost meets the end by someones steel.
In the field I lay covered in blood knowing we have won,
steel rings true the group surrounds me,

I hear her say things will be okay,
and sounds of thanks repeated over and over again,
the bite of the man's sword takes a number on my flesh.

why would I take the blow she will ask,
I have nothing to lose I say.

For to me unlike you it's just another war.
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