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  May 2018 Hamad
If my heart was to ever turn against you
I would rip it out with bare hands
Hamad May 2018
There has to be some unforgivable sin that I have done,
That God has not let me go back to my homeland even once.

The mountains, the rivers, the clouds, the fresh air,
The beautiful valley, the green pastures are all still there .

Its true I have left my homeland but my homeland has never left me,
When will this curse break, when will I touch that soil again, I plea.

You contemplate about your Beloved too much ‘Hamad’,
Maybe you should put down the wine, the pen, pack your bags and leave everything behind.
Hamad May 2018
If you want to please God, One has to first please his beloved,
Satisfying God is easy, it is the beloved that is hard to satisfy.

I can write about your beauty all night long,
I can convince the moon to write you a song.

I will open all doors and go into the multiverse,
Where I will make sure you never get hurt.

It is so easy to please God, all you have to do is pray,
If the Beloved is not satisfied one has to learn to dance into the astray

Saqi, you know it all, you have given me the knowledge that I seek.
Once I meet God it is your name of whom I will speak.

Beloved! give me a chance let me lie down in your arms and drink this poison,
One cannot fear death in this course of love and reason.

Once the Beloved state has been full filled, you will rejoice, God can never be unpleased,
If you get it right, there will be no more need to pray, your whirl will be enough to cease.
Inspired by NFAK qwaali je tu rab nu manana
Hamad Apr 2018
Where ever I look all I can see is only you,
The night is dark but the feeling I have is true.

My longing for you lives in the depth of the Grand Canyon,
The only thing I have ever wanted was a true companion.

As I walk the desert roads I dream of love,
I look at the sky filled with stars above.

Saqi ! Where is my wine as I wander through this wasteland,
I reverie of the grace you offered me in your homeland.

I no longer can enjoy the pleasures of this world,
I look at nature and all I see is a dreamworld.

My Beloved has robbed me of everything, that is what you may think,
But with this curse I was able to find in the desert a Wine of Eternity to drink.
Written at the Grand Canyon
April 23rd 2018
Hamad Apr 2018
There has to be some unforgivable sin that I have committed,
That God has not let me go back my homeland for so long.
Hamad Apr 2018
Privileged were those, indeed
who thought of love as their business
or were in love with what they did.
I remained busy my whole life–
with some love, with some work.
Work came in the way of love
and love was often intertwined with work.
Then, finally, in antipathy, giving it all up,
I left them both, half done.
Faiz Ahmad Faiz
Hamad Apr 2018
For a long life, asked for four days
Two passed in desire, two in yearning
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