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Jun 2014
He loses grip of reality.
Loses morality.
Gets bitter taste of insanity.

No ability to bring himself back together, in time.
In his head, he hears beautiful chimes.

The clock inside his chest ticks on every step that he takes.
Right foot in front of the left...
dragging himself slowly back home.
Pondering  and viciously swears at the wind.
Making up excuses for the things that he did.
Deep down beneath the skin, he is dying from within.

Stupefied from all the grievance and regrets.
Suddenly,his eyes go backward from shock and distress

His feet begin to soften.
Legs begin shaking.
No stableness.  

Crisped nails and pruned at the fingertips. .
His hair converts to grey.
I called out for him stay.
But it was too late

The man is turning liquescent before my eyes.
He no longer can hear my cries.
Hardly recognizable by the disfigurement of his face.
I am amazed.

He gets down on both knees.
Dissolving in earth’s soil.
His heart then recoils…

I woke up and I screamed.
It was not just a dream.
Daddy has left me.
Cold heartedly.
☓IG: Asteriart
Melissa Eleanore
Written by
Melissa Eleanore  Cali
   amrutha, Lifeisajoke and Anonymous
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