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Apr 2014
Fear; It is that which holds us back
Fear; It makes us susceptible to the enemy's attack
Fear; It is the weapon of the weak
Fear; It is enforced by the havoc and destruction they wreak
There is but one weapon that sets us free
The only thing that brings fear to a knee
Love; When it's perfect, it dispels all fear
Love; Unconditional, like the fawn has for mother deer
Love; We spend our entire lives searching for it
Love; It's always there, but in the giver's eye doth we usually spit
If the love does not come from the source we seek
We frown and cry, it shows that our hearts seem weak
"To obtain, something of equal value must be lost."
One must give in order to receive.
Give love to receive love.
Make it pure and unconditional, for conditional love is tactless and selfish.
Love yourself, for you are indeed worthy.
If you cannot see this truth, how can you expect to see the love that others do give you?
Focus on the source of all love, He who loves you more than you could ever understand.
He who loves so much that He sent His son to die so that you might live.
Do not spur the ultimate love, do not spit in His eye, meet His embrace head-on.
Once you embrace His love, you will begin to see it everywhere.
Your search for love will be over.
God is the truth of love.
Ethan Titus
Written by
Ethan Titus  30/M/Jersey Shore
(30/M/Jersey Shore)   
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