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Donald Mar 2020
But this is what they said about love, Where it picks you and where it leaves you, no one knows.. This is what they said about love, how it travels far beyond clear distance, a mystery buried in the hearts of piccans.  

This is what they said about love, that you become miserable in your own dreams when it snails through, and not even your shadows can comprehend your plight. This is what they said about love, how you become sick in seconds, and how a kiss can bring you wellness in seconds..

I’m beginning to write stories about you and I. I’m beginning to paint a picture. This portrait in front of me, is an image of sweet lightning traveling through the night. I’m beginning to see how we intertwine, Like hot water into cold. A perfect balance for the road.

I’m beginning to stretch out my  hands, touching the frame of this beautiful wonder. Heart beating like a war zone. Smiles sliding like a new born. Expectation rising, like a broken faith subsiding. Regardless we are aligning.  

Sweet beautiful complexity is what it is..

But this is what they said about love.. it is like pieces of diamonds hidden in the mud.

Donald Sep 2018

You took a sit by the river. Your voice was deep in silence while your lips traced an endless flips of words without a sound.

There were words I couldn’t hear. So i wrote you a letter. A friendly letter to ask how magical it was that You Spoke without a voice. You replied and in your humble words, You asked how i could see your lips move without hearing your words.

Our thoughts had been the  connecting wan I guessed. As weird as it was, You had been to this bank because you didn’t have to make a sound to understand the world within. We sat from afar and the revelation of what we knew came through in seamless form. Silence brought the openness and gave you a voice. Silence brought the sincerity and boldness to speak free because the world couldn’t hear your thoughts. The world wouldn’t judge your little conviction.

On that table was the definition of honesty and it played out in stages. It gave meaning to your deepest fears and your little bag of hope. As you said amen to every little pronouncements and mention God in every little sentence it was the clue to  your faith and trust in the greater beyond.

And so I listened.. I listened cause I understood. I listened because silence was speaking more beautifully to me than sound could ever do.. It was the most magical thing id seen in a stranger. It was truth being born in silence.

Donald Nov 2016
Take a look at this place
once bright they called it Happiness. It  use to spread its wings far to the east of the ocean where the waters kiss in sweet tenderness.
But now it calls the shots.
Like a commander in chief.

Empty land, empty space.
Bullets spread to a cold Body.
This body.
Freezing like a desert wind in November. Shivers running through like a train on a mission. I call out to Happiness but it sits at the corner smiling back at me. Happiness defines to me time and gives me loneliness for comfort.

When we speak Our words deep with laughter.
But like two continents apart Happiness is a dream on a mission. It will come around it says.
This war will end in peace, but until then happiness keeps winning.

Donald Nov 2016
This uninformed state of being. Restless to the body and cutting to the soul. It stays mute when answers are dreamed of. A feeling in shambles our definition never close to line.

We give ourself the light of comfort and tell stories of warmness, it will be well we say. But unto the night our tears are robbed on the soft cottons of Mississippi.

Losing has become this idea of time giving pain to us freely. Leaving us with no chapters. It looks from a distance, a smirk on a face untamed.

But how do we tell this story? Where is the thing to crucify for, like christ to earth. Not even a thing can wear the cap of losing. For It eats us up and lay us by the sides of Neverland. We wait hoping someday we wake to daylight when we win again.

  Aug 2016 Donald
Błeeding Dįamøndš
If i told you i needed help
would you listen?
Or would your silence
Echo off the walls.
See my life is like a car,
Sometimes moving fast
And other times so **** slow.
If i told you i feel hurt inside
would you not just hear
but listen
to what i said
I need someone to care.
Im tired of trying to fight alone.
Im tired of trying to survive at a table for one.
If i told you
I cry all over my body
And each tear is a knife
And they are leaving scars on my flesh,
Would you cut me a bandage,
Sop up my blood,
Or leave me to bleed out.
If i told you
I was alone and my demons are taunting me
would you get me out
Or would you keep walking
or keep scrolling...
Im not begging for attention,
But one cannot be expected to be alone and silent like a life long detention.
If i told you
I was ready to confess everything
Come clean from my secrets,
Strip myself naked so you could see my imperfections
would you care even the slightest bit
Or are you so selfish
And so ignorant
To walk on
And leave this person to die.
If i told you i was ready to die
would you blame it in cliche,
Or believe it and save me from damnation

Its time to think.
It could be up to you
This isnt just my world,
Its yours, too
and dont you want to be
To someone?
I need you.
Because all of these "if i told you's
Are becoming
**im telling you
Help people. Dont leave them alone. Provide help. Depression is very real, and it is all around us. Repost if this means something to YOU
Donald Aug 2016
And so he said a little prayer
with tears running through his flesh
like a touch of an unseen hands.
Life strip me naked to the universe
with a million eyes watching for a subtle fall
In time- like colours the smiles of nature
I will glitter through this darkest part,
a vow I make at the alter of life.

My palms may bear signs of a road-maps
a journey traveled With sting and stitches
My footsteps the romance of an evil dust
rapped like a lover's firm grip to flesh
Divorce my only wish but i still.. on the journey
I weep seeking a force that marries the earth and sun
that kisses the air with thunder
Spit me through this courtship I pray
that I may see further of heaven
Nothing but heaven.

Let Eden be Eden, and when my day comes
forever thankful I will be that the load of suffering,
this marriage of weakening dies in time.

  Aug 2016 Donald
Dimitris Sarris
Some people act like doing favors and pretend they seek nothing
in return. But i've looked at their eyes listened the tone of their
voice and saw the truth between the lines.
It's about power, makes them feel superior, in control, but all they do
is creating chaos and seeing where the chips fall to hell with the
consequences. It's like a complex, do a favor for one person, someone
else suffers. Doing good things is also a warning. Ιdealism can easily become dogma and dogma to fanaticism.
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