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Feb 19
Mors Spiritualis

Spiritual *******
who is to blame
The prophets the poets
lascivious shame

With prurient verses
stark naked their prose
Defaming what’s ******
their lust to impose

And when they have finished
exposing their ruse
They choke on its meaning
and die self-abused

(Rosemont College: February, 2024)

Divinity’s Pew

The truth stands in contrast
to only itself
Once mentioned eternal
when thought and then felt
It lives in the ether
past fortune or fame
Conscripted by conscience
no praise and no blame
The truth beyond reason
beyond lies or consent
The lucky among us
to follow its scent
Its trail leads to faith
divinity’s pew
Transforming the moment
— you first say I do

(Rosemont College: February, 2024)

Freezing The Moment

Are you the
lead actor
within your own myth

The script
ever changing
the past in its crypt

Can you freeze
the moment
with only one word

The Angel’s
— the devil unheard

(Rosemont College: February, 2024)

Salt Lick

endow a sword
to the few
— to command the many

(Rosemont College: February, 2024)

Modern Education

Learning more
about less and less
Feeling torn
in great duress
Faith attacked
we hide from myths
Real love scorned
— ourselves we kiss

(Rosemont College: February, 2024)

Marx In Hell

Political salvation
the god of failure
Beatifying the collective
— on the devil’s throne

(Rosemont College: February, 2024)

Gnostic Dreams

The brighter the glare
we discover around us
The darker the light
stays hidden within
Secular salvation
a digital failure
God’s imminent nature
— indistinguishable from ours

(Rosemont College: February, 2024)

‘Sage To The Court Jester …’

God’s truth — Man’s truth
bridging the difference
trust in the Muse

(Rosemont College: February, 2024)
Kurt Philip Behm
Written by
Kurt Philip Behm
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