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5h · 23
Hope Afire
Faith is stronger than its outcome,
an end unto itself

Where souls enmire in hope afire
—to light the dream indwelt

(The Book Of Prayers: November, 2019)
7h · 19
Hollow Drums
Disco burnout,
fever rampant erosion

Empty glances,
mirrored hollow drums

Bleeding, starving,
passive alertness

Madeup, putdown
—treadmill run

(Woodlands Hotel: Wilkes Barre- January, 1980)
Will your writing change when death comes to call,
knowing it’s time for goodbye

Will each word become richer, each memory dear,
in the limited by and by

As finality beckons, will conviction resolve,
each day meaning more than the last

Your faith shaken then stirred, all verses called back
—eternity’s epitaph

(Villanova Pennsylvania: November, 2019)
Does life resemble a deck of cards,
shuffled back and forth

On brighter days with Ace’s high,
dark days the Joker’s curse

And what about that Wild Card,
that one you can’t be sure

If it will serve to win the day
—or fold your hand once more

(Villanova Pennsylvania: November, 2019)
4d · 33
Left Unsung
Do you see yourself inside your dream,
or chasing close behind

Is your love unquestioned, given free,
or bartered, contract signed

Are your lyrics empty without applause,
audience on the run

Will the future ransom a past still lost
—the moment left unsung

(Villanova Pennsylvania: November, 2019)
Each mind is a filter…
the wheat from the chaff

Each vision dissected,
to cry or to laugh

Each chance in the moment,
to live or to hide

Each reason a marker,
to vow or belie

Each leaf that has fallen,
the price that we’ve paid

Each morning recalling,
which bed is unmade

Each voice in the distance,
one name on the wind

Each memory unspoken
—to call from within

(Villanova Pennsylvania: November, 2019)
5d · 36
Lost In Refrain
Do you have enough stories,
have you told enough tales

Is your life overflowing,
with a need to regale

Have the roses you’ve smelled,
lined your heart or your mind

Is the path that you’ve chosen,
ahead or behind

Is your life worth a novel,
or even a poem

Are the years all connected,
or scattered and broken

If you leave only money,
or fortune, or fame

The last chapter unwritten
—and lost in refrain

(Villanova Pennsylvania: November, 2019)
6d · 38
God To Reject
The question outliving the answer,
  the chosen—their verdict was death

The prophecy destroying the prophet,
religion—its God to reject

(Villanova Pennsylvania: April, 2017)
Nov 7 · 55
Many As One
Many faiths,
one hope

Many questions,
one plea

Many voices,
one vow

Many wishes
—one dream

(Dreamsleep: November, 2019)
Nov 5 · 61
where humanity and intelligence cross

(Dreamsleep: November, 2019)
Nov 5 · 41
The Angry Lion
A jungle of circumstance…
preying on the silence

Each verse a whip to crack the dark
—and tame the angry lion

(Dreamsleep: November, 2019)
Nov 5 · 32
Voices Of Hope
Fans screamed,
the future cried

Freezing the moment,
truth underlies

Freedom on fire,
music bespoke

Silence irreverent
—voices of hope

(Villanova Pennsylvania: November, 2019)
Nov 4 · 47
Borrowed Time
Ability to free,
impossible to seize

The moment but on loan
past-future to deceive

(Dreamsleep: November, 2019)
Nov 4 · 27
A Haven Safe
I write for the
aberrate visitor,
that stumbles upon my words

A buried shaft
for them to mine,
a voice that can be heard

Each poem baptized
as a child,
redemptions holy source

To comfort those
in pain and loss,
escape from their remorse

A secret voice
for searching ears,
that wander then alone

A haven safe
to offer hope
—and welcome them back home

(Villanova Pennsylvania: November, 2019)
Nov 4 · 156
Never To Yield
The miles I’ve walked,
the verses I’ve rhymed

The demons I’ve fought,
the mountains I’ve climbed

Each word as a sword,
its meaning a shield

To ward off the darkness
—and never to yield

(Dreamsleep: November, 2019)
Nov 3 · 53
To Chime Above
a mortal trap

Looking forward,
while looking back

Direction frozen,
a timeless clock

To chime above
—life’s paradox

(Villanova Pennsylvania: November, 2019)
Nov 3 · 38
To Know, Therefore
Self awareness,
freedom’s chain

Mirrored judgment,
harbored pain

Descarte’s premise,
inside out

To know oneself
—eternal doubt

(Villanova Pennsylvania: November, 2019)
Nov 2 · 63
Eternal Embrace
Rushing into the arms of time…
embracing eternity

Making love to the moment
—its destiny mine

(Dreamsleep: November, 2019)
Nov 1 · 33
Sight Unseen
It’s 2:00 a.m. in the darkness,
and I’m lost in who I am

The night little comfort against a dawn,
that waits for me again

It’s 2:00 a.m. in reflection,
the past chasing a future dream

All memory conjoined, controverted,
the morning—sight unseen

(Dreamsleep: November, 2019)
Oct 29 · 148
Love In Ashes
A distant scream,
the future cries,
our past to burn

Predictions simmer,
forecasts stir,
denials rage

All promise broken,
hearts on fire,
reasons singed with

With love in ashes,
hope to scald,
and freedom left
—in shame

(Dreamsleep: October, 2019)
Oct 29 · 46
Glory Unsung
Victory is a song unwritten,
whose words beget the score

With truth in play, all time relayed,
past battles, future wars

Yesterday winless, tomorrow tied,
the moment zero sum

The hour prescient, each second dear
—glory still unsung

(Villanova Pennsylvania: October, 2019)
Is your pathway to Heaven now structured,
  with words that your verse seeks to pray

Is your stairway straight up or diverted,
  remittance and debts to repay

Is your meaning construed or verbatim,
  intention set free of this world

Is your love what was given or taken
—your heart ill at ease or unfurled

(Villanova Pennsylvania: April, 2017)
Oct 28 · 70
Heaven Proclaimed
Be in awe of yourself,
ever struck with delight

Gift wrapping your thoughts,
in the goodness of life

Treasure the memories,
letting go of the pain

Releasing the wonder
—as Heaven proclaimed

(High Point North Carolina: April, 2017)
Oct 28 · 47
If Art
is our connection to the senses

Then Poetry
is our connection to the soul

(Villanova Pennsylvania: April, 2017)
Oct 28 · 42
crutch for the unenlightened

Support system
for the crippled mind

(Villanova Pennsylvania: April, 2017)
Oct 28 · 39
Lost Swans
Apollo en garde,
my prose to re-verse

Where Swans freely play
—the Raven in search

(Villanova Pennsylvania: April, 2017)
Oct 28 · 42
Prisoner Of Time
Does your past
inhibit the meaning

Does a smile work
to cover your pain

Does today lie in wait
for tomorrow

Your messages cleft,
forever the same

Do you write before feelings
have woken

The letters pretty, in cursive

When your words leave the pulpit

Do you retreat to the very
last pew

Taking refuge,
as twilight approaches

All windows shuttered,
any truth to mime

Those orphaned moments
to hold you captive

And a victim
—the prisoner of time

(Villanova Pennsylvania: April, 2017)
Oct 28 · 32
To Will...
My eyes unleash upon the world before me,
where Heaven wrests all darkness from its reign

These sights my fortune gladly spent on freedom,
to rise and fall as sun and moon both share

The seasons press their head and tail foreclosure,
to trail the one in front and lead the back

As cousins of the changing time indenture,
the same but separate lost within themselves

(Villanova On Avon: October, 2019)
Oct 27 · 46
The Devil Mute
Virtue when expressive,
deafens bad intention

Its voice to live beyond,
excuses and retort

A minstrel plays a song unsung,
as sages rise to dance

All words rephrased in lyric tones
—the devil mute and gone

(Villanova Pennsylvania: October, 2019)
Oct 27 · 24
The Calling
A gentle fawn weeps
where God has taken a step

The forest his cathedral
—pathway to rebirth

(Dreamsleep: October, 2019)
Oct 25 · 33
To Borrow
Answering with phrases loaned…
a paradox recalled

The choices, nouns and pronouns,
all verbs to rise or fall

Old questions freed, all doubt besieged,
defined and then dethroned

The power in each chosen word,
to borrow—not to own

(Villanova Pennsylvania: October, 2019)
Oct 25 · 40
Beck & Call
Is your greatness unendorsed
by godly symbols old and new

Is your strength contained and held within,
as broth begets the stew

Is your message clear with no defense,
either martial or sublime

With freedom at your beck and call
—all stricture cast aside

(Villanova Pennsylvania: October, 2019)
Oct 25 · 42
To Remember...
The heartache gone,
but still remembered

Its pain
—the shadow of my soul

(Dreamsleep: October 10/25/2019)
Oct 24 · 24
A Captive Domain
Can knowledge surpass
a belief you hold true

Diametrically prescient
when ****** unto you

Is faith but the jailer
of transcendence restrained

With truth serving time
—in a captive domain

(Villanova Pennsylvania: October, 2019)
Oct 23 · 36
Do you justify your own beliefs,
to force upon your will

Or skip instead the whole charade,
with truth left to distill

Do you wander aimless in the night,
in search of what you’ve lost

As darkened hallways call you back
—regret the only cost

(Villanova Pennsylvania: October, 2019)
Oct 23 · 40
Last Charade
Woefully, the footlights dim,
the magic fades—the chorus grim

A curtain falls as memory fades,
the ending near—one last charade

(Villanova Pennsylvania: October, 2019)
Oct 23 · 22
Empty Spaces
Running from themselves,
the shadows broke away

Light newly orphaned
with no endorsement

Tracks of remembrance,
forgotten and bare

Space filled with emptiness
—connection denied

(Dreamsleep: October, 2019)
Oct 21 · 35
When Springtime Calls
The Autumn Wind
leaves summer in denial

Winter’s invitation sent,
but yet unstamped

Memories through the trees,
fall distant, left untitled

That fate will name
—when springtime calls again

(Villanova Pennsylvania: October, 2019)
Oct 20 · 36
Don't Look Down
Respect for time,
Disdain for time,
The double edge
—the narrow ledge

(Villanova Pennsylvania: October, 2019)
Oct 20 · 20
A fresh diagnosis,
waiting to die

Time now unmortgaged,
foreclosure in sight

The documents present,
endorsement unsigned

the path freshly limed

(Villanova Pennsylvania: October, 2019)
Oct 20 · 31
beyond definition
—truth redefined

(Villanova Pennsylvania: October, 2019)
Oct 19 · 42
To Chase
Dreaming in the shadows,
by the light of the moon

My feelings chasing words
—that can speak for us all

(Dreamsleep: October, 2019)
Oct 19 · 30
To Freddie
Mercurial freedom
Beyond sexuality
Love trumping weakness
—truth beyond lies

(Villanova Pennsylvania: October, 2019)
Oct 19 · 46
Rock Legends
There’s a certain type of age
that can’t get old

Death caught within the road signs
of its bartered weakness

Where voices cry a fevered wish
to all who listen

And legends write their epitaphs
—on hearts afire

(Villanova Pennsylvania: October, 2019)
Oct 19 · 245
Another Chance
I like hitchhiking
because it’s clean…
Its ending not restrained
by false beginnings
The future more indentured
than the past
With freedom wrapped inside
this very moment
Each car another chance  
—to say goodbye

(Dreamsleep: October, 2019)
Oct 19 · 75
Beyond Blame
what we forgive in our heroes

Their faults,
tragic badges of fame

Our glasses,
colored rose without brambles

Their legend
—sealed in myth beyond blame

(Villanova Pennsylvania: October, 2019)
Oct 18 · 46
Before The Storm
The wildness of nobility,
the fire before the storm

The question with many answers
—the substance within the form

(Dreamsleep: October, 2019)
Oct 18 · 34
Unfamiliar Ground
Does loneliness strike when entering a new space,
that we choose, or is chosen for us

Is the isolation a door to where we must go,
a new portal, our spirits in flux

Is being alone the price that we pay,
breaking through, old walls to come down

Fresh voices to translate, new whispers to hear
—as we tread unfamiliar ground

(Villanova Pennsylvania: October, 2019) O/L 10-13-2019
Oct 18 · 41
Unholy End
Religion is a license
—whose fee is death

(Dreamsleep: October, 2019)
Oct 12 · 38
The Devil's Betrothal
Without hope,
condemned to desire

Without dreams
—all courtship is death

(Villanova Pennsylvania: October, 2019)
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