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Apr 5
Sparked thoughts ignite purpose buried inside
Silenced whispers from bloodlines who have come behind
Breathe it in, let it out, recognize what is left  
Rouse burning embers quelled in the depths

Round and round reels the eternal impetus
Impelling souls, shaping paths laid before us
A choice, providential, divining our fate
Revealing who’ll rise and who’ll be left prostrate

Imminent future designed in the past
Arise from the ashes, alive at long last
The truth set before you kept from bleary eyes
Shed the scales of our blindness, the labyrinth aligns

Trust fate knows the outcome wherever it leads
Trust within us is all that we ever will need
Strength transforming weakness; a brand new beginning
Escape, or deny, or embrace our true meaning
This piece is part 2 of 2 exploring the power of perspective.  We can choose to see light or dark in any situation. This piece represents the light side.  This dichotomy is meant to represent the perspective with which we choose to view our lives and the notion that however you choose to see things, that’s how it’s going to be for you. Only in acknowledging and accepting both sides can we learn to leverage each for their strengths and find peace in the balance.
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