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Mar 29
Hands holding onto her hips,
breaths bouncing with bliss,
we both crave just one more kiss.
Hands now on the door,
pouring out even from my pores,
we both look to adore.
I love her in my life,
but this feels like so much strife,
so I need to just let her go.
No, she’s not near anymore,
yet the water still flows,
my garden of unemployed roses still grows.
Any more guilt and I’ll hit the floor.

Why hold guilt, a better man sees chance.
I grab her waist, just hoping we dance.
It worked but, she's just looking for free lance.
I keep coming. Closing the distance.
For her, I’ll go the distance.
But why do I feel this shame?
She ended things so I’m not to blame.
But her ocean eyes still hold my flame,
so for love again should I change my aim?
My fear should be cooler,
my wish was to move her. Closer.
Just a bit closer. But I can’t reach forever.
I loved her so I can’t seem to forget her.
I just miss the safety in us being together.
Her warmth was enough and I never needed a sweater.
And this passion to love what I’ve seen,
seems like beams of an eternal dream. A racing bee
is to me, as a honey-laced flower is to she.
I’m stuck and falling even though the leaves are changing;
maybe I should move on and leave her to be.
But if you truly love, is it right to flee?
DeVaughn Station
Written by
DeVaughn Station  20/M/Omaha, NE
(20/M/Omaha, NE)   
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