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Feb 2021
And the stars come in waves so lovely
Is that why you chose the sea over me?
You've always said hearts can only beat
But for once I have something kind to say

***** tell me if it means something to you
Because I want to tell you
That it's all ok
I know the light is so distracting
Strangers' beauty is always so alluring
But I stayed because I was lovesick for you
Oh what a great turning, tossing sea sickness

Was this your way of saying you didn't feel the same?

***** I'm insane
Because I'm not mad only ashamed

A girl can't be queen without her hearts
And mine are lost somewhere in your sea
Dying under the starlight only to be with you

My dear, dear Captain *****
It took all my hearts to love you
Ellis Holden
Written by
Ellis Holden  17/F
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