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Dec 2020
i craved the fleeting warmth of her impossible kiss
Β Β Β Β  i still do
Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β  i thought she hated me with my entire being;

yet i longed for nothing more for her to be draped over me
with tender touches and sweet sighs
instead of being held against my will,
as my unwilling, lovestruck body was dragged & pushed --
not lovingly embraced, desired, or cherished; just scorned.

i felt the weight of my arched ankles manipulated by her dainty, ballerina figure i worshiped
coupled with my gasping breaths wrapped around her fickle, faithless fingers,
and i ravenously called this love.
a note my 14-year-old self mistakenly perceived
for a feeling i will get to know better

( & a rough practice of playing with
alliterations, letter & word placements ! )
Ι’ Κ€ α΄€ α΄„ ᴇ
Written by
Ι’ Κ€ α΄€ α΄„ ᴇ  22/Non-binary/☾ In Love with the Moon ☽
(22/Non-binary/☾ In Love with the Moon ☽)   
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