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Nov 2020
Among the forest lived a Butterfly of pretty colours,
Her stunning charm and kindness separated her from others,
But though the Butterfly was deeply loved by everyone,
Her soul was not at peace, sometimes she could not see the sun.
For all the other creatures thought that she did hurl the moon,
But when the Butterfly looked down she saw her old cocoon.
“Please don’t hold me higher than the others, for I’ve checked,
And knowing myself I understand I’m nowhere near perfect.
I’ve secrets that I’ve carried since I was a caterpillar,
None of you have witnessed them, for all you know I’m a killer!?
Don’t just look at me for there are others!” and she pointed,
“If I show you all my colours you will all be disappointed.”
     But smart a creature as this Butterfly could surely be,
She could not see the whole forest, every plant, each life, each tree.
If all the creatures of the wood could see inside her brain,
They all would have come forward, and all would have said the same:
“We know you are not perfect and we can’t see under your wings,
But even if hide you a dozen false colours, bad past, lies and tings,
It wouldn’t make a difference cos the colours that you show,
Are enough to make a full eclipse do nothing else but glow.
The time and smiles you make such efforts to gift to everyone,
Make certain that any negative traits would matter to no-one.
So please don’t lie awake at night and worry what’s under your wings,
Every part of you As A Whole,
Ensures the forest sings.”
For Jasmine, my Rainbow.
Written by
Luke  29/M/Colchester, UK
(29/M/Colchester, UK)   
   Imran Islam
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