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Sep 23
and if you love me
tell me with you arms open
little by little i shall also start loving you
with my heart open and my love driven

and if you love me
stop at that moment, and let it fade
for i shall also do the same
for love is for the loved and bereaved
not for me nor you

and if you never love me
i shall also never love you too
with my heart full and my regrets much
and my days in thoughts wishing you did

and if you love me at this moment and unsure of forever
i shall also love you then and not till whenever
for love is time and time is precious
and we'll save everybit of it we have

and if you love me without words
I shall also love you without actions
and leave the universe to sync our hearts
till we understand each other by just thoughts

and if you love me like i love you
i will be elated beyond reasoning
for i shall love you like how you love the beauty in darkness
for your love is mine and my love was, is and always be yours
just really moved by my words sometimes
Written by
VibeActivist  M
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