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Sep 2020
I was jealous I wouldn’t lie.
You search my eyes I will not pry.
I feel nothing I would do it again.
Just to see her eyes rolled over again.

You caused this so don’t you cry.
Every day you tell lies.
‘How I love you darling.’
But your eyes were all over the place.

Let’s be real, take off shackles.
Isn’t this for the slaves who tried to battle.
You can trust me I hand myself over to you.
Cause if it leaves to me you would lose.

I killed her I will not lie.
I stab to the chest but she didn’t die.
I step it up a notch.
So, I torture her.

The pain was severe, I could see.
As, tears drip down her face.
I smiled, this was what I want,
For her to feel the pain that I endured.

For he has cheat, that’s no excuse.
Maybe it was my anger that cause this news.
I know I have a death sentence but please think like me.
Wouldn’t you be satisfied that she has die.
For I am being honest, ain’t telling no lie.

They make love in our bed.
As if it was normal.
She was my bestfriend.
Our love was not formal.

Sure, I **** her I tell no lie.
Am I proud?
I couldn’t answer, I only smile.

I will admit I think it was a bad idea.
But, just the thought of her gone
Just boost my ego.
With a stab to the chest she did not die.

Blood was over pouring out her mouth.
She started to cough,
She started to choke.
While he stood in the corner feeling sorry for her.
That just make me wanting for more.
She didn’t die just yet.
She was glaring,
She was bearing.
To show how strong she was.

Sad to say I have the will,
I have power.
He stood and cried.  
While I stood and laugh.

Her feet was a shaking mess.
Why so nervous?
I wondered!
Her eyes dance until they land on his.

I couldn’t help it I have the gun
So, without a second thought
I shot him,
He staggers,
She cried,
I laughed,
He died.

I know, I think she would die first.
But what’s the fun in that.
She watched my man, her man, our man died.
I love the feeling I will tell you no lie.

Do I regret?
But, that’s not the end.
Remember she didn’t die.

The police were at my doorstep,
Interrupting my rendezvous.
Of course, they agreed I wasn’t a fool
Who was gonna kidnapped two cheaters.

I couldn’t help it I have the gun
So, without a second thought
I shot him,
she fell limp,
he staggers,
I laughed,
They died.

That’s the end my dear
I know you weren’t prepared
They died,
I died.
Written by
Moesha Subria Ricketts  19/F/Jamaica
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