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Jun 2020
Suicidal, reclining on a sofa
Gazing at his partner’s photo,
A handsome friend of mine I got
He was  by an
Overwhelming love smote.

To optimize hers
And his pleasure to trim
She opted
Suddenly to desert him.

Buddy, what weighs
So heavily on your mind?
Get it off your chest
A solution I may help you find!

“This picture-perfect girl
Sweet-talked me into love,
She playacted
As one sent from above.
But all of a sudden,
Before I had figured it out,
A mishap,
She dropped off the map.
You see, she was ready
To flee to
Her secret fiancé abroad
All the while grabbing
My hand
To lead me
Along love’s road.

With her fiancé
Stashed in
The back of her mind,
In a manner
A lead to her secret
I may not find
She was aware
Our love
To a halt
Would soon grind
However absurd
Her act I might find!”

I recited to him
A poem from Debebe Seifu,
Ethiopia’s famous poet,
Cognizant a well prescribed
Poem is an antidote
"You served me
An asinine chalice
Concocted of
Honey and gall,
Which at one shot
I gurgled down my throat.
Your fingers caressed me
To make me forget my pain
To lullaby me in to a sleep
Upon awakening from
My hallucination to get myself
In a thorny bed again."

Reading, re-reading the poem
Laughing out loud,
His anguish he soon forgot.
So make note,
To normalize a mood swing
Reading poems is a nice thing.
Based on a true story
Written by
Alem Hailu GKristos  Ethiopia
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