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Jun 2020
I know that he still misses her;
I see it in his eyes;
The girl he met so long ago
That made him feel alive.
I can tell he sometimes thinks of her,
I shouldn't be surprised,
She's younger, more carefree than me;
She yearns him in her eyes.
I know he sometimes misses her, she was desperate to be held;
Why would he not want her still?
She was in under his spell.
But can he not look deeper
And see her hidden scars;
Her need to please him all the time
Was bruising her own heart.
Maybe soon he'll understand
Why it could never last,
And love like that is too extreme;
Its why she's in the past.
I'm here right now, in front of him,
This love will always last,
But I know that he still misses
The old me from the past.

Heather Lea
Written by
Heather Lea
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