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Mar 2020

To complete theย ย remaining dreams or be happy in this so called relationship?????
To sit quite or take stand against it???
To go wherever I want or to take care of family???

To sit and listen to all tantrum of family or be free bird???
To be a great business women or just a normal housewife???

To wear saree,dress or what I want to wear???

Whether to take permission for the thing I love or do whatever I want???To divorce or be happy In this so called marriage???
Should I compromise and be happy???
COMPROMISE,isn't big deal....!!!
Why to compromise????
When you can fly like a free bird...
Why to compromise,
When you can earn,
You are independent...

โ€ŒFind someone who is there with you at every stage of life!!!

Why to compromise??
If you want to wear bikini,wear it!!!
Why you have ask others that should I???

If you want to go,GO why you have to ask someone else???

Why to compromise???
When you can laugh loud,
Be happy in your own world,
Believe in yourself and you would never have to compromise....

Never think,
Whether I should???
You can and you should!!!...

Why to compromise????
Why girls have to compromise in every situation.
Why they can't complete there dreams and why they have to ask other for permission....
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