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Feb 2020
Humpty Dumpty dinosaur
Cabbage intervention
Pomegranate superman
Cat combustion engine

Floribunda mermaid sock
Tulip nuts crab apple
Dingo sausage metaphor
Peanuts wedding chapel

Rabbit bacon octopus
Toadstool hair satsuma
Weasel carrot gristle flag
Timone simba pumba

Purple chicken nugget sauce
Generic baby boomer
Zebra armpit underware
Butterfly harpooner

***** pickle under pants
Worm negotiator
Windy beansprout sausage dog
Cardboard Rotavator

Hairy ice cream body *****
Juicy **** denial
Otter baby gusset lunch
Autopsy free trial
I found out that having a constant internal narrative was a thing. I thought everyone had an internal monologue. Mine is a constant. Some have no inner voice. How does that work? I thought (to myself) the constant narration in my head was normal. Not just thoughts floating in and out but conversation, with myself, about everything lol

Not to say this is what I think but, the steady stream of words is weirdly normal to me :)
Little Bear
Written by
Little Bear
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