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Jan 19
Two Roads diverged in the woods and I
I took the one most traveled by
The journey was quite strange
As if almost every step I take creates a big bang
The road was full of holes and people collecting tolls
Around halfway down the path, I was stopped by a line
And when I looked at the ones ahead of me they appeared to be blind
As time went by I started to shiver from the cold
I felt anxious and tried to move but my body began to take mold
When I finally broke free, I ran as far as I could
with hopes of getting back to the start, I ended up more lost in the woods
After a while the pain began to fade, so I sat there in shame
But yet no one came, so I made peace and accepted that this is the where I stay
Two roads diverged in the woods and I
Well, I wish I would've have took the road less traveled by
Written by
Thomas Harvey  57/M
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