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Feb 2021
They cut me open without a sound
My corpse lied there, cold and bound
Inside was a black hole filled with secrets
They called to the people I’ve hurt like a beacon

They’ll find a borrowed heart, it was never mine to begin with
For it only pumped static through my veins
And when they lift out my liver, they can see it was charred by grief of losing a lover
They’ll toss out my kidneys, damaged by my deceit
My anger was never meant to be sweet

I was a sea of innocents turned monsters
In all my short years lived, I felt like an imposter
To see through my clouded eyes
You’d think that I planned my own demise

I was torn from the inside out
The doctors claimed they’d never seen anything so chaotic
So washed out and demonic
How sad, I was just a child

Still, I lied there
White as a ghost
I had no recollection of what I hated or loved the most
They harvested me, storing my life away inside plastic
I think I was meant to be here
The morgue is my castle

So you see, I was just a body
Begging to be somebody
To know my life, you’d have to crawl inside my mind
You should be wary of the creatures you could find

In the end, I was never responsible for what was done to me
i don’t really like rhyming bleghh
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