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Nov 2019
she looks at me with sad eyes
as if the is asking me to leave
to go away
as the eyes once told me to
to vanish into thin air
like the dandelion's seeds
but i stare back
trying to take in her beauty
for this might be the last time i see it
i forgot i miss her
i forgot that we had good memories
but i try to smile
or not look sad
but i can't help it
i can't stop
staring into her eyes
the sad eyes that told me to leave
the sad eyes that once told me to stay
the sad eyes that were once happy
the sad eyes that i once loved to see
the eyes look away, almost quickly
as if they've seen enough
and look down at the ground
trying to avoid the sight
of another's eyes staring
the eyes that they once loved
and my eyes
Written by
Anjali  13/Pangender/California
     Mohan Sardarshahari, Bogdan Dragos and ---
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