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Sep 28
for everything you said to me
all the dreams you told me
all the lies you fed me
disguised as caring
i knew from the beginning who you were
but i refused to see it
i refused to see the flashing red lights and the blaring sirens
now the only lights i see are the ones on the ambulance
the sires pulsing in my ears
the medics screaming for me to hold on
i am slipping in and out of consciousness
and you don't even care
I let myself trust a guy that seemed perfect. But he ended up leaving. He said I drank too much and didn't care about school. Then he said I wasn't spiritual enough for him. The sad thing is, I drink on the weekends with my friends. That's it. And as a Christian to another Christian, you should want to grow with me, not want me at a certain level. That isn't Christianity.
Written by
slr  18/F/Wandering
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