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Sep 2019
Crystals shine in starlight
Sky of the new moon,
It was almost midnight
I was wrapped in my blanket like a caterpillar in a cocoon.

Suddenly, something bright Flashed upon my weary eyes.
I woke up in total fright,
Praying that they were just fireflies.

But, it seemed to be
Something rare and mysterious.
I'm telling you the truth and on hearing it,
You might find me delirious.

There was a being, roaming around.
A being, who had never been found,
A being, which was light, translucent and round,
But who ensured that it didn't make a sound.

The colour of my sacred crystals
Reflected on its face,
And I quietly steadily pace.

I tried to hide
All of my fear,
As it began to walk
Towards me, near and near.

But it didn't seem to cause
Any sort of harm,
And as the night passed,
I started to fall for its charm.

Slowly, I began to notice
That the world around turning blurry
And felt some sort of a bliss,
For that moment, I had even forgot to worry.

Then I woke up in the morning,
With the ringing of the alarm,
But then I realised
That my soul felt totally calm.
Got inspired from a short story written by Guy de Maupassant and a video on an alien encounter on YouTube. And I still wonder... Are they real?
©2019, "A Being" by Kaumudi.
Written by
Kaumudi  F/Nowhere
   BR Dragos
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